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Whitewater Rafting in the Rain

Whitewater Rafting in the Colorado Rain

So, you wake up the morning of your raft trip and look out the window to see ominous clouds lining the sky. After checking the weather you realize that it’s going to rain for your rafting trip. Should you call and cancel? No way! White water rafting is a great rainy day activity because, chances are, you are going to be getting wet anyways. Worried about thunder and lightning? No problem; you will be on a rubber raft in the lowest possible spot in the area, as the river is always in the base of the canyon.

Since you are already getting wet, what’s a little water from the sky? The rain is enjoyable and warmer than the river water in the summer time. While you’ll have to embrace that it could rain on your parade, you can look at it as good luck! What else would you have done when it is raining outside? This way you are enjoying the beautiful Colorado scenery instead of hanging out inside of the house all day long.



While rafting here in the Rocky Mountains, the weather changes from summer to winter to everything inbetween in a blink of an eye. Colorado is known for its bright blue skies in the morning and afternoon thunderstorms rolling into the canyon. In the rafting world, rain is good! The rain is just filling the river up for those bigger rapids. The water in the Rockies normally stays around the low 40s all summer long, so wet suits are highly recommended and come free of charge with purchase of rafting trip when booking through AVA.

Preparing for a white water rafting trip in the rain? No problem; we’re here to help! Here are a few details to help you prepare:

  • Pack an extra pair of dry clothes. This is typically for any trip, regardless of rain or shine, however, it will make a big difference at the end of your rainy day trip.
  • Leave the cotton at home. Cotton takes a long time to dry, and if you are rafting in the rain, it probably will never dry during your trip. Pick out your best water-wicking clothing; things like dry fit shirts and wool socks are going to keep you the most comfortable.
  • We do not cancel rafting trips due to weather. This is an important item to keep in mind. Per our optional cancellation guarantee, AVA offers a 92% refund to any guest who needs to cancel their adventure until 7pm the night before the trip date. This means that if you wake up on the morning of your trip and decide to skip because of the rain, you will incur a 15% change fee to move your trip, or receive an open credit equal to 85% of the total cost of your adventure. If you decide to opt out of the cancellation guarantee when you book your trip, you will be refunded 92% of the total trip on cancellations made at least 2 weeks out. Cancellations made within 14 days of the trip are nonrefundable, and trips changed within 14 days of the trip will result in a 15% change fee.
  • Take advantage of free wetsuits and splash jackets. All AVA rafting trips come with complimentary use of wetsuits and jackets. On a rainy day, these could make all the difference!
  • Protect your feet. Make sure you are wearing shoes that are secure to your feet and waterproof. If it is raining, you way want to consider investing in a pair of water socks, available at our outpost, to wear under your sandles or tennis shoes. Water socks are also a great additional layer to your water shoes, which we also have available for sale at our outposts.

Now that you have the lowdown on what to do if it rains during your rafting trip, it’s time to book your adventure! Check out our exciting rafting trips online or give us a call if you’d like help picking your trip. Happy rafting!