Why a Rocky Mountain Experience Should Be the on Your Black Friday List
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Why a Rocky Mountain Experience Should Be the on Your Black Friday List

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Time is flying by fast as we approach the end of October. The month of Halloween comes with many fun and exciting events, but one of my favorites has to be the beginning of the Black Friday deals. Scoring an amazing purchase for the best price offered all year can feel so rewarding.  One of the best deals that you can find this black Friday is getting yourself or a loved one, a rafting experience in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. When gift giving, the idea is to give something with a meaningful idea behind the gift. What better meaning than to get out and enjoy some fun? Not only can you take yourself, but bringing other people only increases the fun. Giving feels pretty good but getting such a sweet deal is what Black Friday is all about! 

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Save Big 

First and foremost, saving money is the most important aspect of my yearly holiday shopping. With inflation at record highs and with no signs of slowing down, it’s more important than ever to squeeze all the value from every penny. Shopping around for such adventures can sometimes give you sticker shock. Once you include your flight, food, and lodging into your budget, you will want to make this worthwhile and not want to skimp on the Rocky Mountain experience. Getting a Black Friday rafting special not only removes that obstacle by knocking the trip cost down, but it will provide you with an experience that you will be talking about for years.  

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Gifts for all Occasions 

 If you have ever been to a white elephant event you will know how much fun they can be. People are going after the most unique gifts and trading away the lame gifts. Usually, the most exciting gifts are exchanged hands multiple times in the steal phase. Imagine the excitement that will be caused when a rafting trip through the Rockies is opened! It also makes great gifts for stocking stuffers, Christmas, family bonding, auctions, donations, or even graduations and birthdays. Easy to wrap, and even more fun to plan for, it’s a gift that inspires that inner outdoorsman in all of us.  

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A Meaningful Experience 

  Too often we get suckered into buying things that we don’t really need or want. The newest and greatest blender can quickly become a boring house appliance that doesn’t see the light of day ever again. Within a few months, it will be consigned to the garage until a yard sale frees it into another person’s garage and then eventually the dump.  Rather than follow the same pattern this year, break out of your comfort zone and make an incredible gift of memories for yourself or someone else with a rafting trip with AVA Rafting & Zipline. 

We spend Thanksgiving with loved ones close, relaxing and focusing on gratitude.  Next thing you know you are caught battling the frenzied hordes of sleep-deprived shoppers over plastics and electronics, all in the face of a turkey-induced coma. Instead of running out the day after to buy a bunch of items that will get tossed aside in a few months, give the people that mean the most an experience they will be talking about for decades to come.  

The summer of 2023 is fast approaching, you will be blown away by the multitude of spectacular Rocky Mountain adventures we can provide, and you don’t want to miss out while they are at the lowest rate of the year. What a summer we are going to have! 


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