Why You Should be Horseback Riding this Fall
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Why You Should be Horseback Riding this Fall

Horseback Riding Mt Princeton Colorado

Fall is here and, once again, Colorado proves what a beautiful state it is. If you are visiting the great state of Colorado this fall, we recommend heading to the Arkansas Valley to take in the sights on a horseback riding tour. Here are a few reasons you should be horseback riding this fall.

  1. Scenery
    The beauty of the Arkansas Valley is indisputable. The fall colors are one of the greatest parts of the autumn season, and Colorado is arguably one of the most beautiful states during this time. The Arkansas Valley is lined with 15 14,000-foot peaks – the most in one concentration in Colorado – which makes for one of the most scenic locations for a Colorado horseback ride. You’ll get views of Mt. Princeton, Mt. Yale, Ht. Harvard and Mt. Antero on this ride. You can take in the beauty on a 2-hour tour or a waterfall tour.
  2. The Horses Horseback Riding
    Horses are incredible animals. They are large, majestic and emotional creatures. It’s not hard to form an unbreakable bond with horses, even during the short time of your tour. The connection that forms between rider and horse is one that you’ll always remember.
  3. Gets You Outside
    It’s easy to spend all day inside, on the couch with the tv on. So easy, in fact, that you should just avoid it! Get outside and explore the world around you. You’ll have an incredible experierence to share with your family and friends, as well as have the opportunity to see and try something new. Even if you’ve gone horseback riding before, you will find this experience to be incredibly unique.

There’s only one thing left to do: saddle up! Book a horseback riding tour today or call our Trip Specialists at 877-RAFTING for more information.