Wildlife on the Ark
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Wildlife on the Ark

Arkansas River Wildlife Whitewater Rafting

The Arkansas River is well known as an amazing place to raft and boasts a wonderful landscape perfect for many more outdoor activities. However, that’s not the only thing the Arkansas Valley has to offer. With such a landscape, the area is abundant in wildlife. Wildlife in the area is interesting and admirable; read on to get the lowdown on the wildlife on the Ark.

Keep your eye out while spending your time in Arkansas Valley. Whether on the river or on hiking trails, you have ample opportunities to spot creatures like a bald eagle, mountain goat, or even a mountain lion! Though sometimes shy, keep your eyes peeled because you never know when they will feel like stopping by to say hi! Ducks, geese and swallows may be seen during the migration period in spring and fall in the area as well.

Wildlife on the Ark

Keep in mind that these are wild animals. They are very attractive and seem approachable, but please keep your distance for your own sake and for that of the creatures. A mama moose and a newborn calf are so adorable and look so harmless, but it is a bad idea to get close! They are not domestic animals that you can pet.

Leave your domestic pets behind or board them if you plan to spend some time in the Arkansas Valley or other outdoor areas, like National Park/Forests. Domestic pets and wildlife usually don’t get along and they are too curious about each other to let them run free. So keep your pets leashed!

Wildlife on the Ark

While enjoying yourself in the wild, please be aware that this is also a home to  wild animals. They may not mean any harm, but some activities and human behavior might send a wrong signal and cause possible danger for both parties. Always be cautious, respectful and be mindful of advice from warning signs. Take the opportunity to learn from stories you have heard and seen, and you may just walk away with your own good story to share.


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