Guess what time it is?! It’s time for you to start planning your next ziplining trip with AVA Rafting & Zipline! AVA’s official opening day for the Idaho Springs Cliffside Zipline is March 3rd, 2017! If you’re coming out to the Rocky Mountains and looking to do a little more than just hitting the slopes, then AVA has just the tour for you! Here are the top 5 reasons why you should be excited about our Cliffside Zipline.

Switching it up: A lot of people come out to the Rockies during the late winter/early spring to ski, but some aren’t aware that Colorado has so much more to offer! Exploring new activities and places can be a fun adventure! AVA’s Cliffside Zip Line Tour is like no other and is close to a very unique mountain town. Idaho Springs offers shopping and great restaurants to explore before or after your zip line tour.



AVA has the Most Unique Course: The Cliffside Zipline Aerial Adventure is not like the other typical post-to-post courses you may have seen. This is a very unique tour that offers 6 different zip lines with 5 extra elements such as a jungle bridge, surf zip, bridge of doom, dual race line and a 50-foot cliffside free fall!

Spring Break: Are you coming out here with your friends, family or both? Well AVA offers a zip line tour that is fun for everyone! Obviously, spending time on the slopes is very enjoyable but if you are coming out for a week, then split it up! Ride for a couple of days and then come join us down in Idaho Springs to experience something new and different. I promise, you will not be disappointed!

Top-of-the-line Guides: That’s right, our guides go through extensive guide training school to become experts! At AVA Rafting & Zipline, we are happy to provide both a safe zip line trip as well as a memorable one.

Discounts/Deals: All of our current discounts are listed on the Deals page on our website. Vacationing to a ski resort can definitely get expensive once you add up rentals, gear, lessons, ski passes and even food on the mountain for the whole family. So, take a break one of the days you are in town and come check out AVA’s Cliffside Zipline. Make sure to check out the deals because we all love to save money!

So, now that you are aware that AVA is about to start running our one-of-a-kind zipline tour, it is time for you to make your reservation! Feel free to give our very friendly and helpful sales agents a call at (877)RAFTING to reserve your epic adventure today.