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Trip Itinerary

Trip Itinerary

A step by step guide to your trip with AVA!

Step 1: Check In

Before you head out the door, double-check the meeting time listed on your confirmation email. This is the time you will want to arrive at the outpost. If you arrive earlier than the listed time, you may spend some time waiting around for the other groups to arrive. If you arrive 20+ minutes after the listed time, you will forfeit your reservation. Once you arrive at the outpost, head to our reservation desk and check in.

Step 2. Fill out Liability Waivers

Once you arrive at our outpost, check in with our friendly office staff and sign liability waivers. You can also download and print your waivers in advance. Anyone under 18 years old who will not be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, will need to get their waiver signed in advance. Please remember to bring it the day of the trip.

Step 3. Gear Up

Once check in is complete, our staff will direct you outside where you will receive wetsuits, life jackets, helmets and splash jackets if you are rafting.  You'll have time to change into your swimwear and lock your other belongings – wallet, valuables, dry clothing – in your car.   Make sure to hang up your keys in a cubby at the outpost so you don't have to keep track of them while you are on the river. If you are ziplining, we will get you set up with a harness, helmet and gloves.

Step 4. Safety Talk Time

It's time to go to the river or the zipline course! We'll shuttle you by bus or van to the put-in, where we'll unload the boats and match you up with your guide. Then, you will receive instructions on how to paddle and what to expect on the river, as well as a detailed safety talk. If you are ziplining, we will shuttle you to the top of the zipline course where you will receive instructions as well.

Step 5. If Rafting: Time to Hit the River!

Once your group gets out on the water, you'll have a chance to practice your paddling skills with direction from the guide.  Then you will start your trip. Splash through thrilling rapids, take in the stunning scenery and listen to your guide explain the local history and ecology of your surroundings. Before you know it, you'll head into the whitewater! If you are on a trip with lunch, we will break for a hot lunch before continuing downstream.  When you reach the end of your river trip, we'll pick you and shuttle you back to our outpost.

Step 6. If Ziplining: Time to Zip, Zip Away!

Once your group gets to the top of the zipline course and hears the safety talk and instructions, you can begin ziplining! You will wiz down the course one at a time. You will zip past trees and beautiful scenery. When you reach the end of your trip, we will take you back to our outpost.

Step 7. Post-Trip

After you get back to the outpost, please turn in your gear and change back into dry clothes. Afterwards, you can check out the hilarious and action-packed photos from the day. We can also print your favorite photos  right from our shop, or burn them onto a disk to take home. Last but not least, you can take some time to browse our shop for tons of AVA and rafting paraphernalia. We have everything from from t-shirts and hats to picture frames and coffee mugs.

Please call us with any questions about your trip at 877-RAFTING!