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At AVA Rafting and Zipline, we are proud to offer a diverse range of adventure opportunities with multiple locations across Colorado.

Plunge into class II through IV rapids on an exciting Whitewater Rafting trip, soar between cliff tops and among the trees on a Zipline adventure, traverse the Rockies on a Via Ferrata course or climb high into the cliffside with a Rock Climbing experience.

Too many thrilling options? Looking to experience both riverside and mountaintop adventure?

AVA’s adventure packages allow you to maximize your experience and explore the best of Colorado’s outdoors in one day! Travel only once to one of our convenient outposts, and undertake multiple adventures.

Choose from our premade packages that combine Whitewater Rafting with a Ziplining, Via Ferrata, or Rock Climbing adventure, or spend the whole day exploring Colorado’s cliffsides with a Zipline and Rock Climbing package. By choosing an adventure package, you will get to experience the best of Colorado’s outdoor adventures, and save $$$ doing so! 

AVA’s adventure packages are available at both our Idaho Springs outpost and our Granite outpost, affording you access to convenient adventure opportunities, no matter your Colorado location or vacation destination. At both locations, you will find stunning Colorado scenery with easy access to the towns’ attractions and local restaurants; even use the $ you saved on your package deal to grab a bite to eat and refuel after your full day of adventure! 


  • Gold Rush Clear Creek Rafting + ZIPLINE

    Idaho Springs, CO VIEW MAP
    ACTIVITIES: Rafting + Zipline
    DURATION: Full Day
    DIFFICULTY: Level 4 (some physical exertion)
    MINIMUM AGE: 6 years old
    PRICE: From $158 adult, $153 (6-12)

  • Brown's Canyon Rafting + Via Ferrata

  • LOCATION: Buena Vista, CO VIEW MAP
    ACTIVITIES: Rafting + Via Ferrata
    DURATION: Full Day
    DIFFICULTY: Level 5 (high physical exertion)
    MINIMUM AGE: 12 years old
    PRICE: From $238

  • Brown's Canyon Rafting + Zipline

  • LOCATION: Buena Vista, CO VIEW MAP
    ACTIVITIES: Rafting + Zipline
    DURATION: Full Day
    DIFFICULTY: Level 4 (some physical exertion)
    MINIMUM AGE: 7 years old
    PRICE: From $208, $193 youth (7-12)

Our Packaged Activities


AVA’s Whitewater Rafting opportunities cater to all skill levels, with a variety of ⅓ day, ½ day, full day, and multi-day opportunities on class I through V rapids, providing all necessary gear for your rafting journey. Our experienced guides will ensure your safety as you navigate exhilarating technical sections or relax on a scenic float trip. We proudly offer trips on Colorado’s most notable rivers, including the Arkansas, Upper Colorado, and Clear Creek with breathtaking scenery around every turn. AVA seeks to make adventure accessible throughout Colorado from our conveniently located outposts in Idaho Springs, Buena Vista, and Kremmling, and we are happy to work with your group to find the perfect Rafting trip or package for you.


Embark on an exhilarating ziplining adventure through Colorado's treetops on our Mountaintop and Cliffside Zipline courses, located at our Idaho Springs and Buena Vista outposts. Soar through the air above the Chicago Creek and Arkansas River Valley, taking in breathtaking views. Our courses are integrated into the mountain and log crosses, bridges, and race lines! Our expert guides undergo extensive training to ensure your safety and provide an enjoyable adventure, and we provide all necessary gear, including harnesses, trolley systems, gloves, and helmets. Get ready for an unforgettable journey through the skies!


Climb high into the cliffside on a thrilling Via Ferrata course from our Idaho Springs or Buena Vista outposts. A Via Ferrata adventure is similar to rock climbing yet requires less technique, and our guided courses include adders, cables, hanging bridges, iron rungs, and even several lines of our zipline courses! Explore the Mount Evans Via Ferrata, featuring mountaintop bridges, a thrilling 70-foot rappel, and three exciting zipline lines. Or venture to the Granite Via Ferrata in Buena Vista, where you'll start with a zipline, marvel at breathtaking views of the Arkansas River Valley, and conquer the challenging Collegiate Peaks. Safety is our top priority, and our extensively trained guides ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for all.


Experience a Colorado Rock Climbing adventure at AVA's breathtaking Buena Vista outpost, as you climb high above the Arkansas River Valley. Our guided trips cater to climbers of all levels, with a range of routes available for beginners and seasoned climbers. Our skilled guides will provide expert instruction on belaying, rappelling, and anchor setting, ensuring your safety throughout top-rope climbs. Enhance your adventure by combining rock climbing with thrilling activities like whitewater rafting or ziplining. Our family-friendly climbing excursions are ideal for team building or group outings!

two girls ziplining
woman Rock climbing

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Design your Own Adventure

Looking to add a different adventure to your Colorado experience?

Check out how you can create a Custom Adventure Package and make your outdoor adventure truly unforgettable with a personalized adventure. In addition to our package adventure options listed above, we also offer opportunities to explore Colorado’s beauty on Horseback or with an ATV, cast into the best Fly Fishing in the Rockies, or sleep under the stars on an unforgettable Overnight Trip.  Our Adventure Specialists are happy to help you develop a unique package experience from any of our adventure offerings and create the best experience for you and your group. Give us a call at 1-877-RAFTING or email us at [email protected] and kickstart your unique Colorado adventure today!