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Give the gift of adventure with Gift Certificates from AVA Rafting & Zipline!

We get it – it’s just so easy to send another one of those digital gift cards from one of those big box online stores (not that we’re gonna name any names, but you know who you are). Honestly, we hate to burst your bubble, but that gift is getting a bit… well, tired. It’s time to mix things up, and AVA, being the thoughtful and inventive people that we are, wants to help. Skip the boring digital gift card redeemable for a book or light bulbs or dog food; mix it up with a gift certificate good for adventure with AVA Rafting & Zipline!

Everyone loves gift certificates, especially those that can be redeemed for anything from whitewater rafting to ziplining to cabins to hot air balloons and more. Gift certificates from AVA are great for:

   • Birthdays
   • Graduations
   • Mother’s & Father’s Day
   • Employee Appreciation
   • Curing a case of the Monday Blues
   • Coming in last in your Fantasy League
   • Bribery and/or Motivation to get good grades

and more!

Gift certificates can be purchased online in $50 increments. To purchase for a custom amount, please give us a call at 877-RAFTING. Not redeemable for cash.

How Our Gift Certificates Work

  1. You or the recipient of your choice will receive a digital gift certificate with an ID # and Certificate # needed to redeem.
  2. Explore all the adventure options from AVA on our website, or call our Trip Specialists to find the perfect trip.
  3. When ready to book, give us a call and provide that ID # and Certificate # to apply the Gift Certificate to your Trip or Package.
  4. Gear up and get ready for adventure!


  • Gift Certificates purchased from AVA Rafting & Zipline never expire.
  • Redeemable for any activity!
  • Purchase in $50 increments online, or custom amount by calling.
  • Must call to redeem.

Location: Varies

Activities: Fly Fishing, Gear Rentals, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Hot Air Balloons, Lodging, Off Road Tours, Overnight & Multiday Adventure Trips, Rafting, Rock Climbing, Train Rides, Via Ferrata, Ziplining

Duration: Varies

Difficulty: Level 1 - 7

Minimum Age: 1 years old


Redeemable for any day and time



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