Heart Pounding

The Numbers 1/2 Day + Via Ferrata

This adventure will get your heart rate up and keep it up as you embark on our Numbers + Via Ferrata full-day excursion. This rafting and climbing experience will challenge all adrenaline seekers, as you tackle some of the most difficult whitewater in the country, as well as our heart-pounding Via Ferrata course.

The Highlights Of Your Trip

Climb into the Colorado cliffside on AVA’s Granite Via Ferrata, an assisted climbing experience with hanging bridges, cables, crags, rock faces, and ziplines. You’ll then hit the water on The Numbers stretch of the Arkansas River, an exhilarating ride through intermediate and advanced rapids. A basic level of fitness is required for both adventure, but beginners through more experienced rafters and climbers will have fun on this trip.

Minimum age 15, maximum weight: 250 pounds

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What's included


  • Via Ferrata
  • Rafting

Trip Length


full day, no lunch


How Hard


Heart Pounding

Who can go

Minimum Age

15 years old & Up

What an AVA The Numbers RAFTING + VIA FERRATA looks like

Trip Highlights

A. What to Expect

  • A full day of excitement
  • Unique assisted climbing experience on our Via Ferrata course
  • Rappels, ziplines, hanging bridges, iron rungs, and even more features
  • The flight line: a chance to experience a 78-foot freefall
  • Exciting whitewater excursion on the Numbers rafting section of the Arkansas River
  • Half day paddling through class III through V rapids, including steep drops and technical sections
  • Wildlife viewing opportunities
  • Professional raft and Via Ferrata guides

B. Trip Itinerary*

  • Meet your guide at our Buena Vista outpost and gear up for your Via Ferrata adventure
  • Spend the morning on the cliffside, climbing high into the base of the Collegiate Peaks mountain range
  • Break for lunch – please pack a lunch for between adventures
  • Meet up with your guide at our Buena Vista outpost
  • Get ready for your Numbers rafting trip and shuttle to the river
  • Navigate exciting class III-V rapids on this 6-mile stretch of whitewater
  • Return to the outpost and view photos from your trips

*For some trips, the order of adventures may be switched. Please check your individual booking for exact details.

C. Who will love this trip?

  • Adventure seekers looking to conquer more intense rapids and experience a thrilling climbing adventure
  • Groups eager for a full day of excitement in Colorado’s great outdoors
  • Families with kids age 15 and older

What to expect

On Your Whitewater Rafting + Via Ferrata Adventure

Rafters on the Arkansas River.

A Full Day of Excitement

Start your day with an exhilarating mountaineering excursion on our Via Ferrata course. Traverse along the rugged granite cliffside overlooking the Arkansas River Valley. With opportunities to ascend crags, rappel down rock faces, fly across multiple ziplines, and marvel at the breathtaking vistas, this unique climbing adventure promises an unforgettable experience. Plus, don’t miss out on our newest addition: the flight line–an exhilarating freefall from the cliff face.

The Numbers whitewater rafting portion of your day only amps up the excitement. This stretch of whitewater is one of the most thrilling sections of The Arkansas River and includes class III through V rapids over 6 miles of river. Your heart will pound as you experience steep drops, technical sections, and narrow channels and rush down some of Colorado’s best whitewater.

Woman standing on tightrope on AVA's Granite Via Ferrata course.

Breathtaking Scenery

Nestled in the heart of the Arkansas River Valley, both your river and mountain escapades offer unparalleled vistas alongside exhilarating adventures. Brace yourself for the breathtaking sight of the Arkansas River’s vivid blue waters, complemented by the Arkansas’s rocky bank. Keep a keen eye out for the diverse wildlife that call this area home, from majestic bighorn sheep to eagles and trout.

On your Via Ferrata expedition, prepare for a distinct perspective of this awe-inspiring landscape. Ascend to lofty heights and behold the magnificence of sheer cliff faces with unparalleled views of the winding river below and the Collegiate Peaks Mountain Range stretching into the horizon.

Included Gear & Packing List

All of your gear will be provided for your rafting and Via Ferrata excursions. This includes:

  • PFD
  • Wetsuit
  • Splash jacket
  • Helmet
  • Via Ferrata Gear
  • Gloves


  • Shoes that will stay securely on your feet… no flip flops or crocs! (Rafting)
  • Fleece and/or quick dry clothing
  • Waterproof sunscreen & sunglasses
  • Closed toed-shoes (Via Ferrata)
  • Longer pants or shorts that will fit in your Via Ferrata harness
  • Lunch
  • Cash to tip your raft & Via Ferrata guides!
Group sitting around a campfire

Continue the Adventure

Dive into the excitement of the Arkansas River Valley and Buena Vista, where both day-trippers and weekend wanderers can enjoy the best of the area

  • Stay in one of our cabins or scenic campsites to continue your stay
  • Explore even more of the outdoors with hiking, biking, fly-fishing, or horseback riding
  • Treat yourself to one of Buena Vista’s restaurants and breweries, offering a diverse range of cuisines
  • Rejuvenate in the waters of nearby Cottonwood Hot Springs or Mount Princeton Hot Springs

Trip Location

Rafters on smooth waters.

Buena Vista

40671 US-24
Buena Vista, CO 81211

If using Google Maps, ‘US 24 North’ is incorrect and will take you 10 miles south of us. Type in the address exactly as listed above to ensure correct directions.

On the hunt for a true mountain excursion?  Head to Buena Vista, Colorado to raft through a national monument on our Brown’s Canyon 1/2 day trip, fly above the Arkansas River Valley on our Mountaintop Zipline, or Rock Climb the majestic Granite Gorge Cliffs, where views of the majestic Collegiate Peaks will take your breath away.

AVA’s Buena Vista Outpost is located just over an hour from Summit County and under two and a half hours from Denver, Colorado.


The Via Ferrata presents a physically demanding adventure, featuring elements like hiking, traversing, mountaineering, rappelling, ziplining, and crossing cable bridges. Participants are encouraged to be physically active, possessing upper body strength, balance, and endurance to fully enjoy the experience. Prior climbing experience is not necessary, however, and all levels of climbers will enjoy the adventure!

Our Via Ferrata courses are designed with your safety as our top priority, adhering to rigorous safety standards to ensure a secure experience. Throughout the excursion, participants are tethered to the cliffside using a harness and a 2-cable system. As you progress along the course, you’ll securely clip in and out of these cables, maintaining a constant connection to the rock face. It’s important to note that the system is engineered to prevent the simultaneous unclipping from both cables, providing added peace of mind throughout your adventure.

Yes, please pack a lunch to enjoy between adventures.

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