When people think of Colorado, skiing may be the first thing to come to mind… possibly rock climbing, gorgeous mountain vistas, or a cabin in the woods, too.  One of the most popular activities to partake in when visiting the state is whitewater rafting.  Colorado is covered with world class rapids of various levels.  AVA rafts on Clear Creek, the Colorado River and the Arkansas River. We have an assortment of rafting trips to offer, but we believe our overnight trips on the Arkansas or the Colorado take the cake.

Our overnight trips range from just one night to a couple days in the wilderness.  More family-friendly excursions leave from our Kremmling outpost on the Colorado River, and if you’re in for a wild ride, head to our Buena Vista outpost and try your hand at rafting the Arkansas River.


For the Family

Kremmling is located about two hours from Denver, and is where we start off some of our more mellow trips.  We offer some class II and class III beginner trips that any kids over six years old can come on.  For the 24 Hours on the Upper Colorado trip, you’ll experience everything from jumping off rocks into the river, hanging out in natural hot springs and sitting by the river while the sun sets.  This scenic float stretch of the Colorado is perfect for all families.

Our experienced guides will personally cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyone on the trips!  Camping along the riverside after a day on the water is quite the treat, especially when a hot meal is served to you. You’ll create lasting memories on our overnight trips on the Colorado River, and you’ll get to enjoy the mountains as they’re meant to be enjoyed – with sun kissed skin and a day of adventure in the books.

Check out this video on a Colorado River overnight.

For the Thrill-Seekers

Take the level up a notch and head to our Buena Vista outpost.  The Arkansas River is home to class III through class V sections of water, and some of the most popular commercially ran whitewater in the country.  Located around two and half hours away from the Denver area, the drive to Buena Vista alone is breathtaking.  The snowcapped Collegiate Peaks are a sight to see, and you’ll make your way through plenty of mountains along the way. 

The Class III 24 Hours in Browns Canyon trip is great for anyone over the age of 7 years old.  Our 2-Day Advanced trip is a bit more intermediate with a minimum age of 15.  This adventure contains class IV sections of whitewater, so you’ll get a taste of some great drops and learn to properly navigate some stronger rapids.  Our 3 Day Mild to Wild is for the ultimate adventurers.  Day 1 starts off in the beautiful Browns Canyon before you’ll stop to step up camp and sleep under the stars.  The morning of Day 2, you’ll eat some breakfast and hit the river again for the Numbers section.  The Numbers is a class IV section of water which will get your paddles working and challenge you.  The last day is on the rapids stretch called Pine Creek.  These class V waters have some intense drops and constant obstacles, which will keep you on your toes and finish your trip on a great note.  The 3 Day Mild to Wild includes rappelling and rock climbing as well, so you’ll get plenty of adventure all wrapped up into a few days!

Watch this video to see what an overnight on the Arkansas River looks like!


One of the biggest perks of coming on an overnight with AVA is that we take care of all the logistics and the majority of the gear.  Other than a sleeping bag, your only responsibility is to show up ready for a fun time.  We’re already wanting to get back on the water… book today and plan your adventure with AVA for 2018!