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AVA Rafting & Zipline has the most talented, passionate and experienced employees that are taking our company to the next level. AVA staff members not only provide extraordinary guest service but they create an unforgettable experience for our guests. They are here because they love what they do and they are darn good at it! Let’s give our AVA Staff a shout out to how awesome they all are! Keep up the good work!


Williams "Spicy" Whitten

Rafting Guide in Buena Vista

River Lathers, Rafting Guide in Kremmling

River Lathers

Rafting Guide in Kremmling

Connor Viland, Rafting Guide in Idaho Springs

Connor Viland

Rafting Guide in Idaho Springs

Tessa Spialek, Zipline Guide in Idaho Springs

Tessa Spialek

Zipline Guide in Idaho Springs

Edie McRoberts, Riafting Guide in Kremmling

Edie McRoberts

Riafting Guide in Kremmling

Luke Smith, Guest Service Manager in Buena Vista

Luke Smith

Guest Service Manager in Buena Vista

Blair Woodward, Assistant Operations Manager

Blair Woodward

Assistant Operations Manager

Shaun Lammert, Raft Guide

Shaun Lammert

Raft Guide

Bobby Riley, River Guide

Bobby Riley

River Guide


Luke "Peebers" Pabst

Zipline Guide

Chris Thomas, River Guide

Chris Thomas

River Guide

Elise Brandvold, Zipline Guide

Elise Brandvold

Zipline Guide

Lynn Barlow, River Guide

Lynn Barlow

River Guide

Chris Baer, River Guide

Chris Baer

River Guide

Kevin Davis, River Guide

Kevin Davis

River Guide

Zach Hubbard, River Guide

Zach Hubbard

River Guide

Alex Frank, River Guide

Alex Frank

River Guide

Matt Fernandez, Zipline Guide

Matt Fernandez

Zipline Guide


Nate "BJ" Shiffman

River Guide

Miles Fletcher, River Guide

Miles Fletcher

River Guide

Juli Setaro, Transportation & Property Manager

Juli Setaro

Transportation & Property Manager

Simon, River Guide


River Guide

Spencer Bonapace, Zipline Guide

Spencer Bonapace

Zipline Guide

Sam Wise, River Guide

Sam Wise

River Guide

Gerrit McGowan, River Guide

Gerrit McGowan

River Guide

Avery Potter, River Guide

Avery Potter

River Guide


Lauren "Lala" Silvers

River Guide

Emily Worby, Zipline Guide

Emily Worby

Zipline Guide


Ryan "Fish" Cole

Vehicle Maintenance Manager/River Guide