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The Best Time To Go Rafting In Colorado



Whitewater Rafting Trips From Spring Through Fall

Deciding the best time to go rafting is a choice that’s easy to make in Colorado thanks to our great rafting season that runs from April through October – so the real question to ask is when will YOU be in Colorado? We have whitewater rafting trips in various locations across the state.


If you’re planning a vacation to Colorado you likely have a limited window from which to choose – and that’s just fine.  Depending on what type of challenge, the length of time you want to be on the river, and the location of the state you’ll be visiting, we have multiple options for beginner to advanced paddlers. Use our Trip Finder and select the month you’ll be in Colorado to find the best trip.

The best time to enjoy river trips at AVA:

Arkansas River – May through September • central CO
Clear Creek – May through September • 30 minutes from Denver
Colorado River – May through September • central CO
Blue River –  June • central CO
Dolores River – May through June • SW CO
Salt River  – Late February through mid-May • Arizona

Or if you’re living in Colorado and want to plan the best time to go rafting – we have a few questions for you:

  • What type of whitewater are you looking for? (We can help you figure this out)
  • Is the scenery or wilderness experience most important for your river trip?
  • How physically active or fit are you?
  • How much time do you want to spend on the river?
  • What type of group are you bringing whitewater rafting?


In Colorado, winter storms lead to spring runoff that leads to summer high water – and then there are late season river releases that make for some of the best adventure whitewater to be found all year!  So figuring out the best rafting month of our whitewater season isn’t easy, but there are almost always options for great trips almost any time of the summer

Because AVA has whitewater rafting trips available on several rivers across the state of Colorado and has 16 seasons of experience exploring the Best Rafting in Colorado, it’s a pretty good bet we’ll find an adventure for you.

We have great whitewater rafting trips for you throughout the spring and summer, so let us help you find the perfect river trip for you and your group.


  • Brown’s Canyon Sizzler: family rafting, Arkansas River, full day
  • The Gauntlet: advanced + rafting, Arkansas River, full day
  • 3 Day Mild to Wild: advanced+ rafting, Arkansas River, 3 days
  • Summit Colorado River Scenic Float
  • Clear Creek (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced)
  • Pine Creek 1/2 Day w/ Rappel
  • Rafting + Zip Line Packages

If you know what month you’ll be going whitewater rafting, our staff has compiled information and suggested river trips to help you know the best choices for the time you’ll be visiting.  If you’re still in the process of choosing a time, don’t hesitate to email or call us – our staff is very knowledgeable about all the trips and the best times to go!

Find out more about the Colorado Rivers we serve:

  • Arkansas River: Central CO
  • Colorado River: Northwest CO
  • Clear Creek: Denver Mtns
  • Blue River: Central CO
  • Dolores River: Southwest CO
  • Poudre River: Northern CO
  • Animas River: Southwest CO
  • Eagle River: Central CO
  • Salt River: Arizona
  • Yampa River: Northwest CO
  • Green River – Lodore Canyon: Northwest CO

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