5 Reasons Camping is Best by the River
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5 Reasons Camping is Best by the River

CampingWhen planning your perfect Colorado summer vacation, you will want to make sure you’ve fit as many different activities and sceneries as possible. Colorado offers some of the most expansive and beautiful landscapes in the country, with outdoor activities strung out amongst the terrain. Camping, hiking, mountain biking, rafting, zip lining and fly fishing are always among the highlights of everyone’s trips. Most of theses activities take place on or near the water so here is 5 reasons camping is best by the river.

Camping on the river can be the highlight of any trip due to numerous reasons, but the top reasons always seem to include the amazing landscapes that come with camping near the river. You are able to see deep cut valleys with massive granite walls such as Gore Canyon or Browns Canyon. The wild life also adds to atmosphere whether its big horn sheep just yards away scaling the the granite walls or the elusive golden trout that all fly fishermen drool over. Being on the river opens up tons of activities not limited to just fishing; rafting is an excellent way to see tons of colorado’s majestic beauty over the course of a multi day trip. It is also quite easy to get to most rivers, as Campinga lot of the land is owned by the Bureau of Land Management making the public more than welcome.  Camping along the river is also a very cost efficient adventure as you can find campsites across the state for about $10 per night opposed to the mountain resorts and downtown Denver where rates can average $200 a night.

Regardless if you are throwing up a tent on BLM land in the middle of nowhere or staying a 5-star villa along the Colorado River, you should not be disappointed with the multitude of options given to you. Come join us on any number of whitewater rafting and zipline tours offered this upcoming summer with AVA. For information on our ziplining, rafting, and fly fishing adventures feel free to give us a call (800) 370-0581 to speak to any of our wonderful product specialists.