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Best Whitewater Rafting Near Golden, Colorado

Clear Creek Whitewater Rafting

Golden was originally named Golden City after an early settler and miner, Tom Golden. Golden City was initially meant to be one of Colorado’s many mining towns, but instead became a supply center and convenient transportation hub for wagons to go to and from the Rocky Mountains. It was in 1859 that early settlers like Tom Golden first discovered gold in Clear Creek – the river that runs through the heart of the town.

When Golden City’s name changed to Golden and Denver became Colorado’s new capital, locals became outraged. Although this change perturbed people, it did not affect the industries. Golden is still thriving and is now home to local mines, quarries, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, a whitewater kayak park, and the famous Coors Brewery.

Whitewater Rafting Clear Creek Near Golden, Colorado

Clear Creek is a popular destination throughout the summer for whitewater rafting enthusiasts and those looking for a day getaway from the city.  Due to it’s proximity to Denver, you can jet over the mountains for an afternoon excursion and be back to town for your dinner reservation in the evening.  Clear Creek offers multiple classes of rapids to attract rafters of all skill levels.

Rapid Classes on Clear Creek

Class IV Rapids – Upper Clear Creek

Starting the furthest west and upstream, the Class IV stretch of Upper Clear Creek provides steep and continuous rapids to navigate through for nearly 8 miles.  This section of Clear Creek is perfect for those who are looking to up the adrenaline after previously experiencing some lower class rapids.

Class III Rapids – Gold Rush

If your group is on the hunt for a family-friendly excursion, the Class III stretch of Clear Creek provides an hour or two of splashy rapids perfect for children 6 and up.  Cruise through the historic town of Idaho Springs on this section and spot some incredible mining sites along the way.

Class V Rapids – Lower Canyon

Fit for the daredevils, this section of Clear Creek provides not only some jaw dropping scenery within a beautiful canyon but also some intense Class V rapids that drop 150 feet per mile over the course of 10 miles.

Golden Colorado

Rafting Near Golden with AVA Rafting & Zipline

AVA Rafting & Zipline has been running one of the highest rated whitewater rafting and aerial adventure operations for over 20 years.  Not only are you signing up for venturing out with the most experienced guides that train a significant amount more than what the state requires, you’re also going to be able to explore to most options for activities to make the most of your time exploring the Colorado Rockies.  With AVA Rafting & Zipline, your wet suit and splash jacket are including within your trip price and free of extra charge.  You’ll also get a PFD and helmet for your whitewater excursion.

Colorado Whitewater Rafting

Tubing Clear Creek in Golden, Colorado

Another go-to summer activity with visitors and locals is tubing the river through the town of Golden, Colorado.  This section of whitewater is downstream from the higher class rapids and is a hotspot for those trying to cool off during the dog days of summer.  You can bring your own tube or rent one from one of the many shops in the town.  Check out Golden River Sports, and don’t forget to wear a PFD and helmet for safety!

Whitewater Kayaking Clear Creek Near Golden, Colorado

For the more experienced rafting enthusiasts, venturing out in a kayak for some solo rapid navigation can up the ante a significant amount.  Kayakers commonly take on all classes of rapids on Clear Creek through Idaho Springs, as well as Coors Falls – a nearly 10 foot drop waterfall upsteam just west of Empire.

If you’re sticking close to the front range and want to take the playboat out, Golden, Colorado is home to a whitewater kayaking park with fun competitions and activities throughout the summer every year.  Test your skills in front of a crowd in downtown Golden!

Get your adventures lined up for next summer just 30 minutes away from downtown Denver!  Call AVA Rafting & Zipline today.