Thrilling & Very Active

Mount Blue Sky, Colorado Via Ferrata

Get your heart up on one of our most daring adventure trips! On our Mount Blue Sky Via Ferrata course, you will traverse the cliffside in this unique assisted climbing experience, with views of the Rockies and the town of Idaho Springs present the entire way.

The Highlights Of Your Trip

Our Mount Blue Sky Via Ferrata represents a type of climbing, where adventurers utilize a combination of ladders, rungs, rails, cables, and bridges to aid in moving across and up a cliff face. This course offers the chance to try out a new outdoor experience, get your blood pumping, and marvel at Colorado scenery the entire way.

Minimum age: 12, minimum weight: 50 lbs., maximum weight: 250 lbs.

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What's included


  • Rock Climbing
  • Via Ferrata

Trip Length


Half Day


How Hard


Thrilling & Very Active

Who can go

Minimum Age

12 years old & Up

Trip Highlights

A. What to Expect

  • An up to 3 hour climbing tour that takes you into the cliffside of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains
  • The opportunity to try out a unique climbing experience with a focus on features built into the natural mountainside
  • Climbing course includes iron rungs, bars, and cables used to clip in and out along the course
  • Soar on several lines from our zipline course, as well as rappel down the cliff face
  • Stunning views of the Colorado Rockies and historic Idaho Springs the entire way

B. Trip Itinerary

  • Meet your guide and prepare for your adventure at our Idaho Springs outpost.
  • Enjoy a brief ride in our truck to the starting point of your climb
  • Soar through the air on multiple lines along our zipline course.
  • Conquer the mountainside as you ascend crags and traverse across iron rungs and other features
  • Return to the outpost and review the photos captured during your trip.

C. Who will love this trip?

  • Adrenaline seekers looking to maximize thrills on their adventure
  • Climbing enthusiasts eager to delve into a unique variation of the sport.
  • Colorado first-timers and locals alike hoping to view the Rocky Mountains from a unique vantage point
  • Families with children aged 12 and above
  • Groups looking for an adventure within a short drive of Denver, Colorado

What to expect

On Your Via Ferrata Adventure

AVA Guide on a rock climbing adventure.

Mile High Excitement

Embark on a Via Ferrata adventure, offering a thrilling exploration of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Traverse high above Idaho Springs along the mountainside in this assisted climbing experience. Throughout your ascent, you’ll rely on a secure cable system, providing continuous support as you clip in and out along the cliffside route.

During the climb, you will get your heartrate up, as you utilize iron rungs, bars, and other features integrated into the cliffside to navigate your way along and across the terrain. You will also have the opportunity to fly on several ziplines and rush down the cliffside in an exciting rappel and a free-fall.

Stunning Scenery

As you traverse along the rugged cliffside, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of the majestic Rocky Mountains, including the iconic peak of Mount Blue Sky. Gaze in awe at the sprawling landscapes below, including the Chicago Creek and the forests that blanket the mountainside. You’ll also be treated to views of historic Idaho Springs, the location of the first gold discovery in Colorado!

woman on ziplining course

Included Gear & Packing List

All of your gear will be provided for your Via Ferrata excursion. This includes:

  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Gloves


  • Closed toed shoes that will stay securely on your feet
  • Longer shorts or pants that will fit with your harness
  • Please avoid scarves or dangly jewelry
Group on a Via Ferrata course.

Continue the Adventure

Whether you’re visiting our Idaho Springs outpost for a day trip from Denver or staying for longer, there’s plenty to do before or after your adventure

  • Refuel at one of the area’s restaurants or breweries. We like Beau Jo’s pizza or Tommyknocker Brewery
  • Explore the area’s mining history with a tour at Argo Mill and Tunnel or Phoenix Gold Mine
  • Continue your outdoor adventure with a visit to St. Mary’s Glacier, Mount Blue Sky, or one of the area’s other hiking trails
  • Visit Denver, just a short 25 minutes away, and explore the best of Colorado’s largest city.


The Via Ferrata offers an exhilarating and physically demanding adventure, incorporating activities such as hiking, traversing, mountaineering, rappelling, ziplining, and navigating cable bridges. Participants are advised to be physically active, possessing upper body strength, balance, and endurance to make the most of the experience. Previous climbing experience is not required, and anyone with a moderate level of fitness and a spirit for adventure will have a blast.

You can feel confident in the safety of our Via Ferrata courses, as they adhere to strict safety standards. Throughout the experience, participants are securely fastened to the cliffside using a harness and a dependable 2-cable system. As you progress along the course, you’ll clip in and out of these cables, maintaining continuous connection to the cliffside. It’s important to note that the design prevents simultaneous unclipping from both cables, ensuring an extra level of safety throughout your adventure.

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