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Head to Idaho Springs, Colorado for Your Fall Mountain Getaway

Idaho Springs Colorado Fall

Headed to Colorado this fall? The town and area around Idaho Springs has fantastic possibilities for a vacation. There are numerous activities that one can choose to take part in around this area, and the best part is it’s just over 30 minutes west of the Denver area.  Escape into the mountains for an afternoon and feel like you’re hours away from the Mile High City.  Between historic mining sights and a plethora of outdoor activities to a main street filled with shops, bars, there’s something for everyone in Idaho Springs, Colorado.

Hiking Near Idaho Springs, Colorado

The area of Idaho Springs also has some incredible hikes for all skill levels.  If you’re willing to venture a bit into the mountains, you’ll have plenty of options for every generation.

St. Mary’s Glacier

It’s only a mile up to the breathtaking St. Mary’s Glacier.  If you’ve looked up hiking in Idaho Springs you’ve most likely come across this incredible spot.  The trailhead is off of Fall River Road just west of town, but be prepared to drive about half an hour into the mountains to reach it.  Though it’s a short hike, we would consider it moderate due to the steep incline on the way up.  The trek is well worth it, though!

Loch Lomond

Located in the same area at St. Mary’s Glacier, this is an easier trail for those looking to 4×4 their way into the mountains.  You can hike it as well, just keep an eye out for vehicles along the way and take in the beautiful views around you.

Hiking Near Idaho Springs, Colorado

Photo by Katie Schneider

Mt. Evans

Drive-able and climbable, this 14,000+ foot mountain is one of the most popular to summit in the state.  The scenic byway to the top usually closes around Labor Day, but that doesn’t hinder those avid adventurers to make their way to the peak on their own two feet.

Aerial Adventures in Idaho Springs

One of the coolest parts of Idaho Springs is the opportunities for adventure courses in the area.  AVA has a Zipline and Via Ferrata course nestled into the cliffside just a quarter mile from downtown Idaho Springs, and they’re open until Thanksgiving every year!

Cliffside Zipline Near Denver

Fly high among the treetops on this 6-line course just 30 minutes west of the Denver area.  This course also features multiple suspended bridges as well as a 50-foot free fall along the way.  Since all of the elements are built into its natural surroundings, you’ll be able to escape reality for a few hours but not have to venture far into the Rockies.

Mount Evans Via Ferrata in Idaho Springs

Maybe you’ve been on a zipline course already and you’re looking for a challenge, or maybe you just want to try a unique activity in the mountains.  Either way, the Mount Evans Via Ferrata is your answer.  Scale the cliffside on iron rungs and bridges as you mountaineer high above Idaho Springs.

Colorado Via Ferrata

Shopping and Food in Idaho Springs

Idaho Springs is not lacking on places to shop or just eat, drink, and be merry! All along the main street you can find everything from clothing stores to tattoo parlors to ice cream shops. Looking for some good barbecue?  Smokin’ Yards is the local hot spot.  Good beer?  Tommyknocker Brewery is our favorite.  Or a great pizza?  Beau Jo’s Pizza has been serving up pies in Idaho Springs for over 40 years.

Overall, Idaho Springs offers an incredible getaway for both visitors to Colorado or people on the foothills near Denver looking for a quick day trip. There are unlimited adventure activities, great hiking, and always a delicious spot to fill up and finish your day. If you have not yet visited this great mountain town, be sure to head west this fall and call AVA Rafting & Zipline to schedule an adventure!