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Become a Superhero and Get Involved with Roundup Ranch

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Roundup Ranch campers are kids who fight serious illnesses with superhuman strength, and these kids are determined and courageous. On Saturday, March 9, 2019 we are participating in Superhero Ski Day in Vail, Colorado to raise awareness for these campers and raise money, so more kids can attend Roundup Ranch.

This year, AVA is sponsoring Superhero Ski Day which is an awesome fundraiser for Round Up Ranch to send these kids with serious illnesses and their families to fun camps in Colorado. We are so excited to support Roundup Ranch as they provide a pure stress-free camp experiences for children, so they can relax and just be a kid. Kids and their families get to attend these camps at zero cost and spend time with kids they can relate to and have fun with. Learn more here.

In order to make these camps free for all participants, we are participating in a fundraiser called Superhero Ski Day! We are so excited to get to work with Round Up Ranch and be a part of this inspiring event.

Superhero Ski Day

When: Saturday March 9 starting at 9:00 a.m.

Where: Vail Mountain 

What: Dress up as your favorite superhero and spend the day reminding these kids of their super human strength

Anything else: Enjoy Breakfast before skiing and apres food and drinks at the post skiing party 

Why: Give children and their families an opportunity to attend Round Up Ranch Camp at zero cost

Who: Anyone and everyone! If you cannot attend you can still get involved by fundraising or donating 


History of Round Up Ranch

Roundup Ranch began when Colorado natives wanted to carry out the dream of actor Paul Newman and bring Serious Fun Children’s Network to Colorado. There is not a better place to bring these kids to other than the beautiful Rocky Mountain region in Colorado.

In 2006, Alison Knapp officially founded Roundup Ranch and worked tirelessly for five years to bring the Serious Fun Children’s Network vision to life. Roundup Ranch had their first campers on July 6, 2011, and have been bringing joyous weeks to kids over the past 7 years. The number of campers wanting to and able to attend camp has been increasing, and Roundup Ranch continues to provide this opportunity through fundraising and grants.

Mr. Newman’s vision lives on with Roundup Ranch. This is indeed a place where kids can “raise a little hell” as he said, and have the chance to be a fun-loving, worry-free kid. “There was never a time that I thought that it would not happen. I truly believed that all the pieces of a project of this magnitude would come together.” – Alison Knapp

Our Involvement

Not only has AVA decided to sponsor this event, but we have also created a team to join the children and families on the mountain. In addition our company and employees are fundraising and donating to this organization. For other participants in Superhero Ski Day, we are providing adventure gift cards to those best dressed superheros and more!

How you can get involved

  1. Join our team: If you are interested in participating in Superhero Ski Day in the best way possible by skiing in Vail as your favorite Superhero, then give us a call at 970-423-5353.
  2. Fundraising: If you cannot participate in the event you can still be there in spirit by reaching out to friends family and others to raise money for this incredible organization
  3. Donate: Life gets busy and we get it. If you feel so inclined you can donate here:

If you want to to learn more about Roundup Ranch and how you can be involved click here. 

Everyone deserves a care-free week to be a kid and Roundup Ranch makes that happen for kids and families that need it the most. We are so excited to get on the mountain next week, and support this kids be reminding them of their superhuman strength!