Colorado Whitewater Rafting is a Great Workout
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Colorado Whitewater Rafting is a Great Workout

Colorado Whitewater Rafting

If you’re a diehard Colorado whitewater rafting fan and just can’t wait to get back onto that flowing, crisp, cool mountain whitewater, Arkansas Valley Adventures has good news—whitewater rafting season is fast approaching, and in no time at all, you’ll be paddling down the Arkansas and Colorado Rivers taking in the beautiful mountain scenery and wildlife. But in the meantime, it’s important to stay fit in the off season so that you’re able to keep up at the level you were at last season. Most Colorado whitewater rafting enthusiasts are generally in good physical condition and don’t let themselves go in the off season, but if you’re one of those people who slacks off a little bit in the winter and doesn’t exercise quite as much as you should, you may not have the endurance and strength you once had. If you’re an experienced rafter you know that Colorado whitewater rafting is a great workout; any type of whitewater river rafting is an intense cardiovascular and muscle-toning workout. Shape magazine has even listed rafting as one of the top 25 fat-burning workouts to get you in shape. The magazine refers to whitewater river rafting as an “extreme workout” that tones your arms, back, shoulders and core. Rafting down the Arkansas or Colorado River burns an amazing 300-350 calories per hour!

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