How You Know You're Ready for Alaska Fly Fishing
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How You Know You’re Ready for Alaska Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing in Alaska

Partner Post: From our Friends at the No See Um Lodge in King Salmon, Alaska

We send a hearty wave and tip of the rod to fellow anglers down in the Centennial State. We’ve chased brookies in the Colorado River and waded through summer hatches down on the Rio Grande. Let us return the pleasure of those fishing trips with an invitation to join us up here for fly fishing Alaskan-style. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Here’s a quick check list.

1. You Can Tie a Wooly Bugger in Your Sleep

You count on this one to imitate leeches, nymphs and more. It’s one of your favorite streamers, and we agree. Alaskan ‘bows love this old standby, so you’re already ahead of the game.

2. You Can Tie a Caddis While You’re Snoring Too

Yes, you acknowledge that this dry fly is pretty much trout-centric. You also know that it’s an essential, and that puts you in good company with fly fishing anglers up here.

3. Flying in a De Havilland Beaver Doesn’t Scare You

It’s true. The world just looks better when you’re up in the air. If you daydream about watching the morning sun rise over pristine wilderness while you soar above it all in a bush plane, you’re ready for fly fishing in Alaska.

4. Catching a 30-Pound Chinook Is on Your Bucket List

You might release him but not before a fishing buddy snaps a photo of you proudly holding Alaska’s official state fish. We call them king salmon for good reason, so you’ve made the right choice for that list.

5. Hot Tubbing Under the Northern Lights Sounds Pretty Good

At the end of a long, productive day, you’re ready to unwind. Hitting the hot tub here at No See Um Lodge is just another one of the outdoor adventures you dream about. It’s the kind of experience that you’re always prepared for.

We bet that you’re ready for fly fishing in Alaska, so we’ll keep your cabin warm here at No See Um Lodge. Come fish with us on the beautiful Kvichak riverbanks running right outside our back door. If you can’t come visit us this week, that’s OK. When your rod starts twitching due north, take that as a sign, and head on up here to the Last Frontier.


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