Top Three Rivers to do a Float Trip on in Colorado
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Top Three Rivers to do a Float Trip on in Colorado

stand up paddleboards and inflatable kayaks on the Colorado River

A wonderful way to cool off during Colorado’s hot summers is to take a float trip! Float trips are best to do on rivers that are Class II. A rating of Class II means moving water with wide, clear channels. Obstacles are present but are easily avoidable.

There are different floatation devices you can take on a float trip depending on the water levels. For bigger rivers with more waves, we recommend taking a larger vessel like a raft, duckey or SUP. For smaller, more mellow water, a tire innertube will do the trick.

  1. Colorado River

The upper section of the Colorado River is ideal for float trips. You can float for an entire day if you want to! This river is rated Class II.  We recommend taking a raft down this river. If you are looking a more exciting experience, you can float down on a duckey or SUP. If you take a smaller vessel, it is more challenging and would be closer to a rating of Class III.

We offer guided float trips down the Colorado River. These trips are perfect for all levels of experience and ability. The minimum age on this trip is two years old. The ease of the Colorado River allows you to kick back, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you. We also have guided fly fishing trips down the Colorado River. Our 4-hour float is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Our experienced guides will provide you with everything you need to know so that you will have a successful fishing experience.

nine ducky rafts and two whitewater rafts pulled up on the side of the river

  1. Boulder Creek

Floating down the Boulder Creek is a very popular activity for locals in the area. It is recommended that you tube down between 100 CFS and 200 CFS. If the water levels are higher than 200 CFS, the creek becomes significantly more dangerous. Once the water has reached 700 CFS or higher, the creek is closed to the public for safety reasons.

You can take a kayak, inner tube or duckey down the Boulder Creek. There are plenty of places to rent tubes but the most inexpensive way to get a vessel is to go to a recreation store and purchase the inner tube of an auto mobile tire. These are more durable than an inflatable tube and will not pop as easily on rocks and debris.

A group of people tubing down the Boulder Creek

Image Courtesy of Things Boulder

  1. Clear Creek White Water Park (Golden)

Tubing Clear Creek is similar to tubing Boulder Creek. It is important to put in and take out at the correct locations. Parts of Clear Creek are Class III to V and are not runnable in a tube and would most definitely not be considered a float. We recommend putting at the White Water Park and taking out at Vanover Park.

You can also take a kayak, duckey or innertube down this creek. Rentals shops in the area will have all the gear you need to have an epic float down Clear Creek!

The whitewater park at Clear Creek in Golden, Colorado during the summer

Image Courtesy of Day Hikes Near Denver