Wanna hear a joke?
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Wanna hear a joke?

Hey, we went rafting last Thursday, and our guide was Fish. He shared some great “guy walks into a bar” jokes, but he didn’t know any related to rafting. It took a couple days, but I got one I hope he can share with future river trips.

A rafting guide walks into a bar, tells the bartender “Man, what a rough day. I’m parched, gimme a beer, a whiskey.” Bartender brings the guy an ice cold beer, and a shot of whiskey. The raft guide looks at him, and says “No, man, not both. Just one, the other. I just wanted either a beer, a whiskey.” The bartender was totally confused and pretty annoyed, and says “buddy, you aren’t making any sense at all, what do you want to drink?”. The raft guide says “Oh, yeah. Sorry about that, like I said it was a rough day. We flipped over a raft going down the river and I lost all my OR’s”…
Thanks again for the great trip! We’ll be back in a few years for the level 5 runs!

Cody Lemons
Dallas, TX


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