Why You Should Get a Photo Package With Your Adventure
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Why You Should Get a Photo Package with Your Adventure

Photo Lady

rafting photosNot many people would hesitate to pay for a photographer at their wedding. Photos are taken to capture those special moments; smiles between friends, hard work in action, and nothing but pure happiness and laughter. When everyone is enjoying themselves, no one wants to be responsible for capturing enough shots for everyone to commemorate the night. Many of life's moments go by in the blink of an eye! With your adrenaline pumping as you paddle through rapids or fly through the air on our ziplines, a camera will be the last thing on your mind. Lucky for you, AVA's great staff of photographers will give you keepsakes to show off to all of your friends back home.  

Here at Arkansas Valley Adventures we have great deals on photo packages! If you're having a blast on one of our many raft trips, a package is going to be around $52 per raft. Our packages for each individual on our exciting zipline trips are $12 a person. Take home quality action shots of you working hard on the Arkansas River, Clear Creek, or Colorado River as well as our Idaho Springs and Granite zips. We offer you the luxury of sitting back and enjoying your trip while someone else captures your shots.  

While your trip may not be your wedding day, don't forget to add on a photo package to preserve your experience for the future. Don't hesitate to contact our great team with questions about our photos – and zipline photoswhen you have them, make sure you display them so your friends can't help but ask you about your thrilling venture.