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Rafting Trip Difficulty

Finding the Right Trip

Wondering how to select the best Colorado whitewater rafting trip for you, your group or your family?  Rapids are classified on scale from Class I to Class VI.  Class I is considered the easiest, with flat water and almost no obstacles, while Class VI is the most advanced, and is considered too dangerous to raft.

Various factors can cause the ratings of a section of river to change. Therefore we generally categorize our trips into beginner, intermediate, advanced, advanced+ and combinations of these. We feel this helps you more easily choose the best trip. 

Selecting the right rafting trip:



Do You?

  • Have children under the age of 5?
  • Have children who weight less than 50 lbs?
  • Want a mellow trip with few or no rapids?
  • Want a trip where you don’t have to do much paddling?
  • Have group members with limited mobility?
  • Want to stay as dry as possible?

Consider a beginner trip like the Upper Colorado River Float for Family Trips


Do You?

  • Have children between the ages of 6 and 15?
  • Have first time rafters who want an introduction to whitewater?
  • Want exciting whitewater and some mellow sections between the rapids?
  • Have a group with varying fitness levels?

Consider an intermediate whitewater trip like Browns Canyon Express, Browns Canyon Sizzler or the Clear Creek Gold RushThese are our most popular trips and are the trips we recommend most often to families.


Do You?

  • Have a group in which everyone is at least 15 years old?
  • Have a group that is in good physical condition?
  • Have a group of experienced rafters or adventurous first-timers?
  • Want lots of excitement and mostly continuous whitewater?

Consider an advanced trip like The Numbers or Upper Clear Creek


Do You?

  • Have a group in which everyone is at least 15 years old?
  • Have a group in VERY good physical condition?
  • Have a group that is looking for a high-adrenaline, non-stop adventure?
  • Want the most continuous, aggressive whitewater?

Consider an advanced+ trip like Pine Creek-The Gauntlet or the Lower Canyon of Clear Creek