5 Reasons Guided Hiking is better than taking on Rocky Mountain National Park Solo
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5 Reasons Guided Hiking is Better Than Taking on Rocky Mountain National Park Solo

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Have you ever thought about taking a guided hike? Have you questioned why would you take a guided hike when you can hike alone? Here are five fabulous reasons to hike with choose a guided hike over going alone!

1. Guided hikes know where to go!

When it comes to Rocky Mountain National Park we’ve been all around. Meaning when you let us know what type of skill level hiker you are, we know where to take you. Also, say Susan wants to see wild flowers and Greg wants waterfalls, we know the path. The biggest help to knowing the trail beforehand is being able to let you know where you are on the trail. Our guided hikers know how to read those very detailed maps. But also, they know where halfway points are and good spots to take lunch. These guides will really help you make the most of your hike.

2. Guided hikes mean you have a travel guide to the wilderness.

Our guides are well versed in the natural wild life and historical tales. These guys can point out foliage and critters by name all throughout the hike. Learning the history of the area and the environment while hiking through it is truly an amazing opportunity to embrace Colorado.

3. Guides carry the goods.

Your guide will carry all your gear for you. So, when you have just flown up from sea-level and you may need some more time to acclimate. This is a great way to keep moving and give your body a break all in one. Guides will carry all the pack gear, food and water so you can simply hike and take in the surroundings.

4. Guides make the meals.

Your guide will not only carry the food but they will prepare it for you. There nothing better than hiking into the foliage and having someone cater to you.

5. Knowing what to bring and how to use it.

You may not know that which type of pack to bring or even have one for that matter. These guides know what’s the best stove to use and the best place to it. Some gear such as water filtration systems and day packs can cost a ton of money. Our guided hikes have the best equipment for your use. This means when you’re flying from Florida you don’t have to have room for a sleeping bag and a tent. Doing and overnight back backing trip is really a great chance to be in the heart of Colorado and feel its soul. This state is truly filled with magic and this gives you a chance to experience it.

Remember the next time you think about going on a hike, to give a guide a chance. We know adventure and pride ourselves in guiding guest through and around Colorado. This is a great chance to hike like you’re a pro with half the work. P.S. We know we said five reasons but everyone loves an extra. No need for a selfie stick. This is guide is more than happy to take all the adventure shoots of you and the environment that you would like!! If that doesn’t get you, I’m not sure what will.