Best Family Whitewater Rafting Trips in October
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Best Family Whitewater Rafting Trips in October

Whitewater Adventures on the Colorado River

As soon as the leaves start to change in Colorado we all seem to start getting really excited for the snow, and almost even forget to enjoy our beautiful autumn activities! Colorado is an absolutely majestic place to spend time in the September/October months before the snow blankets our towns. The leaves are changing to a beautiful sea of colors and the air is brisk with the promise of winter not too far behind us. There is an array of activities appropriate for enjoying this fall season in Colorado that will please every member of your traveling party, but one of my personal favorite ways to enjoy the leaves changing in Colorado is from a river raft!

The Upper Colorado

Overnight Rafting Trips

The Upper Colorado section of the Colorado River in Kremmling is the ideal backdrop for a late season Colorado rafting trip. That late in the rafting season the water is nice and mellow. You have plenty of time to take in the scenery, sit back, and enjoy your ride. This is also  the perfect opportunity to see some of Colorado’s wildlife. The Upper Colorado also contains Radium Hot Springs which is a place that raft guides are typically happy to take a break from rafting for. Relaxing in a hot spring while enjoying the scenery of the beautiful Autumn leaves in Colorado is something that I personally hope everyone gets to experience at least once in their lifetime.

Try a SUP or Inflatable Kayak!

For those members of the family that appreciate the scenery, but are maybe looking for a little bit more adventure out of leaf viewing venture, I highly recommend stand up paddle boards (SUPS) or even inflatable kayaks on that same stretch of the Colorado River. These are great options for the adventurous solo traveler, or the more adventurous members of a traveling party or family vacation group. Both options have the ability to stay fairly close alongside their group’s raft to really give the feeling that everyone is on one trip together, while still indulging the preferences of each traveler whether they be to relax or to find adventure!

Soak in the Leaves from the Colorado River

I am a huge fan of hiking in Colorado, and I have plenty of cyclist friends who swear by the sport, but I personally cannot find anything that compares to the feeling of gliding along the smooth water of the Colorado River regardless of your mode of travel to get down the river. All of those options are offered through the Arkansas Valley Adventures white water rafting outfitter on the Upper Colorado out of their Kremmling outpost. Their rafting season on the Upper Colorado is currently extended until September 29, 2019. The white water rafting season is limited due to water levels as well as weather, so I highly recommend that as soon as you see the leaves start to change color to jump on a raft, inflatable kayak, or even a stand up paddle board and make watching the leaves in Colorado the perfect vacationing activity for the entire traveling party!