Idaho Springs Colorado Fall


Aspen, CO – Leaf peeping at its prime, Aspen got its name for good reason. Seas of aspen trees make for breathtaking views in the fall. The mountain sides seem to glitter with gold/yellow leaves as the weather becomes colder. It’s pretty hard to beat the towering snowcapped peaks just above tree line. It’s almost like you get to experience two seasons in one! If you’re daring enough and have the proper car then definitely take a spin up Independence pass. The highest paved pass in North America allows for some amazing views. While you are out road tripping around Aspen, make sure to check out Maroon Bells. Jagged Peaks are the backdrop for this beautiful high alpine lake. People come from all over just to take in this jaw dropping view.

Breckenridge, CO – Just like Aspen Co, Breckenridge has some memorizing views especially in the fall. Boreas Pass road provides the perfect overlook towards the 10 Mile Range. You can start in Breckenridge and end in Como, CO. Or vice versa if you would rather end in Breckenridge. Even if you end up visiting after peak leaf peeping season you will not be disappointed with the breathtaking views that Breckenridge has to offer. Also, there is always something happening in Breck. The town loves to have art instillations and music, along with lots and lots of Beer/ Food Festivals. So why not take the “long way” and take in some unbelievable views on your way into town.


Rocky Mountain National Park Wildlife

Photo by Katie Schneider

Take advantage of the wildlife preparing for the winter season. Colorado is home to many different animals. During the fall season you can expect to see Elk, Bighorn Sheep, Moose, Fox, even the occasional Bear (preferably from a safe distance). Here is a list of the top places to spot some wildlife:

  • Rocky Mountain National Park – Elk are in the middle of their mating season. So, there is a large chance you may see two males sparring!
  • State Forest State Park – Nicknamed the official Moose capital of Colorado, located in Walden, CO. Hundreds of Moose live within the park year-round.
  • Mount Evans Scenic Byway – Mountain Goats and Big Horn Sheep are all over Mt. Evans. This route will give you a 7,000 ft raise in elevation. Gorgeous views of Gore Mountain Range are a plus as well!


Hot Spring

Colorado is home to dozens of Hot Springs. A hot spring is defined as “a spring of naturally hot water, typically formed by the emergence of geothermally heated groundwater that rises from the Earth’s crust.” Most of these hot springs can be found on the Front Range or scattered throughout the mountains. Here are some of the top destinations for Hot Springs in CO:


Colorado’s ski season starts early! Sometimes even beginning in October if the weather is just right. But usually the season is in full swing by November. Colorado is home to dozens of world class mountain resorts. Whether you’re looking to try skiing/ snowboarding for the first time or have been riding in other parts of the world for years. Colorado will have something just right for you and your family! Some of the most well-known resorts are: