How to Prepare for an Overnight Rafting Trip this Summer
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How to Prepare for an Overnight Rafting Trip this Summer

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Are you going on an overnight rafting trip with family and friends? Being prepared should not be a chore but rather a learning experience! This blog will entail our two locations that offer overnight trips and ways the best way to enjoy your activities with Arkansas Valley Adventures.


Rafting Locations in Colorado

Two locations provide overnight trips on the Colorado and Arkansas Rivers. The milder trip would be on the Upper Colorado River near Kremmling, Colorado is perfect for someone who needs a relaxing weekend on the River with their young family; as this river is wide and mellow, providing less intense rapids. The Arkansas River is the more advanced of the two with class III rapids, with a starting minimum age of 7 years old. Both of these locations have average highs in the peak of summer of 80 degrees during the day and as low 50’s during the evening.

Colorado Riverside Breakfast

What to Bring Rafting

Colorado weather is notorious for the weather changes during any season, whereas in locations it may look nice outside most outdoor outfitters are located within the heart of the mountains of Colorado. These trips would benefit from slight over-packing rather than under-packing materials needed.

The list below will provide some of the essentials for your rafting trip, including some of the things that would be provided for your overnight trip.

-Splash Jackets/ wetsuits and PFD (personal floatation devices) provided by AVA
-Non-cotton moisture-wicking material (athletic wear brands such as Nike, Under Armor, or Columbia)
-Leisure clothes (a change of clothing after camping, still recommend non-cotton materials to keep you warmer.
-Sunglasses and chums to limit the chance that your glasses will be lost
-Bring things you do in your downtime like cards, frisbee, football, fishing rod, book, or even a journal.
-Bug spray and long sleeves to prevent bugs from biting you.
-BYOB no glass containers as we want to keep our rivers free of glass, not permitted during or before activities.
-Sun Screen
– Either you can rent out sleeping bags or bring your own
– Hygienic toiletries (biodegradable soap, washcloth, toothbrush, and paste)

With Colorado’s weather being wildly unpredictable AVA attempts to prepare you for the unexpected with the list above. The week before you take your adventure take a look at the forecast to prepare for any of the “unexpected” the best you can.

On the overnight adventures, AVA provides meals for you at the riverside. The Arkansas River trip breakfast serves a hearty breakfast egg scramble or pancakes to fuel your day’s adventure until lunch. These lunches usually have a chicken fajita lunch while on some of the longer trips you may get chicken tacos. The dinner entree would usually entail a succulent steak or BBQ chicken night depending on the trip. The benefit of booking an overnight trip in Kremmling is that you would be working with the guides to have a customized meal.

Here at AVA, we are here to help make your overnight trip a breeze feel free to connect with us at [email protected] or by calling us at 970-423-7031.


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