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Overnight & Multiday Rafting

Day and night: experience the best of Colorado’s outdoors


AVA has numerous options for overnight rafting in Colorado. You can do a standard rafting overnight, or mix it up and try our one of our overnight fly fishing trips for a different adventure! On our overnight trips, you will spend a day rafting, settle in for a delicious meal prepared by your guides, relax riverside, and camp under the stars, waking up for an exciting next day on the river. We’ll take care of meals, gear, and all the logistics… your only requirement is to make lasting memories!

Our Trending Overnight Rafting Trips


     Buena Vista, CO VIEW MAP
    ACTIVITIES: Overnight & Multiday Rafting
    DURATION: Overnight Multiday
    DIFFICULTY: Level 4 (moderate)
    MINIMUM AGE: 7 years old
    PRICE: from $339 Ages 13+
    from $329 Ages 7-12


    Kremmling, CO VIEW MAP
    ACTIVITIES: Overnight & Multiday Rafting
    DURATION: Overnight Multiday
    DIFFICULTY: Level 2 (mild)
    MINIMUM AGE: 8 years old
    PRICE: from $339 Ages 13+
    from $309 Ages 5-12


    Cortez, CO VIEW MAP
    ACTIVITIES: Overnight & Multiday Rafting
    DURATION: Overnight Multiday
    DIFFICULTY: Level 4 (exciting)
    MINIMUM AGE: 10 years old
    PRICE: from $699 for ages 10+

Why Choose AVA for your Overnight Adventure

AVA is 25 Years of Adventure

Since 1998, AVA Rafting & Zipline has been a leader and innovator within Colorado's outdoor recreation industry. For 25 years, we've been dedicated to providing exceptional experiences, including our exciting overnight trips. With a focus on safety, innovation, and unmatched guest service, we prioritize your satisfaction and well-being on the water and across all of our adventure opportunities. Our commitment to excellence has earned us prestigious awards, including Tripadvisor's Certificate of Excellence and Outdoor's Best of the Rockies.

As always, Safety First

At AVA Rafting, we prioritize your safety above all else. As industry leaders in outdoor adventure, we have set the highest standards for expertise and safety. Our guides undergo rigorous training, surpassing both legal requirements and industry standards. You can trust that our CPR + First Aid certified guides are well-prepared for any situation, equipped with expert-curated first aid kits, and top-of-the-line rescue gear on every overnight and camping trip. Our highly qualified guides are trained to anticipate and prevent outdoor emergencies, ensuring that your adventure is both thrilling and secure.

The power of passion

At AVA Rafting & Zipline, we are committed to delivering exceptional outdoor adventure experiences and providing top-notch guest service. Our team of guides upholds the highest standards of professionalism, teamwork, and respect while prioritizing safety. They are not only highly trained and skilled but also deeply passionate about what they do, seeking to share this passion with our guests. We believe that an overnight whitewater rafting adventure with AVA goes beyond just thrills and excitement; it is an opportunity to connect with the great outdoors of Colorado, cultivate an appreciation for our state's natural areas, and discover every nook and cranny of these incredible spaces.

Your overnight trip with AVA

AVA's overnight trips allow you and your group to experience the best of Colorado whitewater alongside an incredible riverside camping experience. There is no better way to reconnect with family, friends, and nature then by paddling through beautiful river valleys and sleeping under the stars. On an overnight rafting trip with AVA, all of your food, overnight gear and the adventure itself are included. The only thing you need is your personal belongings and a sleeping bag! We have several different whitewater camping trip opportunities, with varying levels of rafting and adventure, allowing all adventure seekers to take part in a thrilling overnight experience-even kids!

Your Overnight Adventure Details

Our Packing list

AVA's overnight rafting trips are all-inclusive, meaning that all of your food, overnight gear, and the adventure itself are included. We’ll cover the meals, camping equipment and rafting gear; all you have to worry about is bringing your own sleeping bag, or you can rent one from us! A bit too cold to brave the water in just your clothes? No problem, all necessary rafting gear, including wetsuits and splash jackets, are also included with all trips!

Your packing list

We supply all gear, but please remember to bring your own change of clothes, toiletries, and anything else you might want for your overnight on the river. As Colorado weather can be unpredictable, we recommend dressing in layers and bringing a raincoat. We also suggest packing sunscreen, lip balm, a water bottle, head lamp, hat, sunglasses, a small pillow, close toed shoes, and other footwear for camp. While rafting, please wear secure shoes that you don't mind getting wet and that will stay on your feet at all times!


For the best trip experience, we kindly request that guests arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled trip time. In the event of late arrival, we will accommodate you on the next available trip. If you are unable to attend, we offer an 85% credit of your total adventure cost for the current season. Upon arrival, please check in with our friendly staff and meet your knowledgeable guide, who will provide essential instructions before you embark on your adventure. To expedite the process, we encourage you to sign the liability waiver in advance and verify your reservation details, including location, day, and time.

Leave nothing but memories

At the end of your rafting and camping adventure, you will return to our outpost alongside our experienced guides. There, you can conveniently return your equipment and browse our selection of souvenirs to commemorate your thrilling experience. Our guides put in tremendous effort to ensure an unforgettable journey, so if you had a fantastic time, gratuities are warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated. We sincerely hope that your adventure with AVA becomes a highlight of your spring or summer. Our aim is to provide experiences that leave a lasting impact, and we look forward to welcoming you back in the near future for more incredible adventures!



    In addition to a change of clothes and toiletries for your overnight camping experience, we recommend bringing a few other items to maximize comfort on your overnight trip. These include sunscreen, lip balm, a water bottle, headlamp, hat, sunglasses, a small pillow, closed toed shoes for rafting, and extra footwear to wear at camp. Please check your confirmation email for other details about your rafting and camping trip and what to bring.


    Wearing layers and bringing options for warm days and cool nights will set you up for success on your overnight rafting experience. Don't forget these necessities:
    · Clothes/swimsuit under your wet-suit
    · Shorts/T-shirt
    · Long Pants/Long Sleeve Shirt
    · Rain jacket/Fleece Jacket
    · Underwear/Extra socks


    On an overnight rafting trip with AVA, all of your food, overnight gear, and the adventure itself are included. The only thing you need is an extra pair of clothes and a sleeping bag! We also have sleeping bags available for rent if you do not have. We additionally provide wetsuits, PFDs, splash jackets, and all other rafting equipment.


    Breakfast/ lunch/ dinner occurring during your rafting and camping trip will be prepared for you. Bring additional snacks and water. Adult beverages are welcome (NO GLASS). Dietary restrictions can be accommodated with advanced notice. Please check your individual trip for exact meal details.


    You will be sleeping in tents with sleeping bags/ sleeping pads under the breathtaking Colorado stars! Sleeping bags are available for rent or you can bring your own.


    No, there will not be showers on your camping experience, so expect to get a little dirty! It is unlikely that you will get muddy river water on your clothes or skin unless you roll around on the side of the riverbank. Although no showers will be available, it is recommended to bring along a bottle of biodegradable soap and a wash cloth to wash off some grime while at camp. You can always opt for the good ole polar plunge into the river to wash off.


    Everyone always wonders where you use the restroom while camping on the river. A groover system is used for solid waste, consisting of a toilet seat on a tripod stool (Typically an amazing view comes along with it!) As for liquid waste you will be asked to pee on the ground or in the river a short distance away from camp. While on the river, rafters will be given a “poop kit” for mid-day needs.


    Expect to wake up around 7:00am-7:30am to enjoy coffee/ hot beverages while your guide prepares a delicious breakfast for you. You will pack up camp and get back out on the river between 9:00am and 10:00am. You’ll spend the morning rafting then pull over riverside for lunch. Expect to be on the river until about 3:00pm-5:00pm. Feel free to bring some riverside games (Frisbees/Deck of Cards/ Fishing Poles) for entertainment while at camp. Dinner and dessert will be served around the campfire (Barring any fire restrictions)


    You may encounter a variety of weather while on your overnight rafting trip. Expect periods of rain (heavy at times). River corridors tend to be windy so dress for it! The best way to prepare is to pack enough clothing to keep you warm and dry, on and off the river. Be ready for the weather to change drastically throughout your trip. As the saying goes in Colorado... “If you don’t like the weather, wait about 10 minutes!”

How to choose the right overnight trip for your group

Difficulty of your overnight rafting trip: When choosing an overnight trip, be sure to check the rapids classification, keeping in mind minimum age, swimming ability and fitness levels of your group. Read more about how we rate rapids and rivers on our Rafting page.

Best time of the summer to raft: Water levels fluctuate based on snow melt in Colorado. High water usually occurs early to mid-June. Low flows are typically in late August. Minimum ages may be raised due to high water. Check our River Conditions page for updates on water levels for each river!

Length of multi-day trips: Trips and camping experiences can last anywhere from 2 days to 10 days. Most people underestimate the comfortability of camping and how much it will actually relax you to unplug and connect with nature.

Camping or Lodging: You will camp on the river under the stars during these overnight rafting trips. Your guides will help you set up camp, making it a comfortable and fun space for you to hang out in the evening!



Overnight & Multiday Trips with AVA