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AVA has numerous options for overnight rafting in Colorado. You can do a standard rafting overnight, or mix it up and try our one of our deluxe trips for an added zipline adventure! Maybe you aren’t the biggest fan of sleeping by the river. No problem! Our 2 day packages are made just for you. Spend a day rafting, then head back to our outpost for dinner and a night in one of our fantastic cabins or the beautiful campsite, then wake up on day 2 for a delicious breakfast and high-flying adventure on our Mountaintop Zipline. These packaged deals are the best for those looking for a mountain getaway packed with plenty of adventure and not a lot of hassle. We’ll take care of meals, gear, and all the logistics… your only requirement is to make lasting memories!

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When considering an overnight rafting trip, it’s important to consider the actual value and experience when looking at the cost. The important thing to remember about overnight rafting trips in Colorado with AVA is that they are all-inclusive. What does all-inclusive mean exactly? On an overnight rafting trip with AVA, all of your food, overnight gear and the adventure itself are included. The only thing you need is an extra pair of clothes and a sleeping bag! Don’t have a sleeping bag? No problem! We have them available for rent.

We’ll cover the meals, camping equipment and rafting gear; all you have to worry about is bringing your own sleeping bag, or you can rent one from us! A bit too cold to brave the water in just your clothes? No problem; with AVA Rafting, all necessary gear, including wetsuits and splash jackets, are FREE on all trips!

We want to take the stress off your group for these trips. Just sit back, relax, and let our experienced guides cook you dinner along the riverside while you fish, read, or look back at your exciting day on the water.

What To Expect

Day 1: Head to your trip’s respective outpost wearing your river gear and some Teva or Chaco like sandals, with only extra clothes for however many days you need and your overnight needs. You’ll meet your guide, hand over your overnight items, including your extra pair of clothes and other necessities (ie – a toothbrush might be nice! as well as your sleeping bag). Your guide will pack everything up in a dry bag, insuring that nothing will have even the slightest bit of water on them when you arrive at camp. Then, you’ll get suited up – your guide will give you a PFD, a helmet, and an optional wetsuit and splash jacket for your rafting adventure.

So, after gearing up and packing up, you will load onto the bus and head to the put-in for your adventure! After about a half a day of rafting, you will pull off at a riverside campsite, where you will be provided with more than enough gear for a comfortable nights’ sleep! Your guides will unload the gear boat to give you a tent, sleeping pad, your overnight gear, chairs, tables and tons of delicious grub. Your guide will also set up the groover – aka the wilderness potty. At AVA, we take pride in our ability to leave no trace. When you take an unguided overnight trip, it would be your responsibility to not only set-up and take-down the groover, but also to dispose of its, ahem, contents after the trip. On overnight trips with AVA, we take care of all the messy details!

After camp is set up, take some free time for a relaxing hike, or throw some lines for some world-class fishing. Make the most of your free time while your guides get to work on a delicious steak dinner. Once dinner is ready, load up your plate – you earned it! There’s nothing quite like having someone cook your dinner after a long day battling rapids. Now is the time to truly relax and enjoy the scenery. Crack open a beer with your steak, kick your feet up and soak it in. Save room for dessert. Trust me, this is a treat you won’t want to miss.

As the sun sets on day 1, you will reminisce on the day with such disbelief, as the overnight rafting experience is one that will not disappoint. When you’re ready to catch some zzz’s, curl up in your sleeping bag in your tent, or pull your sleeping pad out to sleep under the stars.

Wake up on day 2 to the scent of breakfast being made by your guides and the gentle sound of the river flowing right next to you. Trust me when I say this will be one of the most satisfying breakfasts of your life! After your guides pack up the dry-bags and load up the gear boat, you will once again hop aboard your raft and hit the rapids for another action-packed day on the water.


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Overnight & Multiday Trips with AVA


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