There’s really no better adventure to add to your trip than ziplining in Colorado. Imagine zooming through the sky, the fresh spring air hitting your face, your blood pumping adrenaline as you soar dozens upon dozens of feet above the ground. You’ll create a thrilling life long memory that will make your friends jealous of your trip. Not convinced? Here are 10 reasons to go ziplining this spring break.

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1. Spice Up Your Spring Break

When you say “Spring Break” many people  automatically think of college students flooding beaches and partying it up. If you’re planning your own spring break trip for Colorado, you’re already breaking the norm. You could add a ziplining adventure to your trip and really impress your friends with your one of a kind adventure. 

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2. See the Beauty of Spring 

Sure you could drive around and take in Colorado’s spring that way OR you could take in the gorgeous views while soaring through the air. Our cliff side and mountaintop zipline courses would allow you to get one of a kind, breathtaking views of the local nature as it begins to blossom and bloom! 

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3. The Weather 

You’ve probably been warned of Colorado’s unpredictable weather, but it isn’t all bad. Going from 60 degrees and sunny one day to below freezing and storming the next might not sound ideal, but it really means you can maximize your trip. One day you could be on a zipline and the next you could be skiing. 

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4. Combo Skiing 

Piggybacking off the last point, combining your zipline trip and ski trip into one has a few benefits. Spring skiing can be easier, with softer snow and warmer temperatures it can make it a bit less harsh on any newbies.  

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5. Less Crowds 

Overall, Colorado’s spring is our least popular season. With rafting in the summer, skiing in the winter, and leaf watching in the fall, spring can be one of most mellow times in Colorado. If you were hoping for a serene ziplining trip, going during spring is ideal. 

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6. Better Prices 

With spring being the off season in Colorado, you might be able to catch some deals. Hotels, ride services, and even ski resorts may lower their prices during the slow spring months. Even our zipline adventures have lower rates in the spring! 


Indian Hot Springs in Idaho Springs

Photo via: Idaho Springs Historical Society

7. Soak in a Hot Springs 

What better way to end a day of heart pumping ziplining than soaking in a relaxing hot spring? Both of our ziplining locations are in close proximity to some enjoyable Hot Springs. In Idaho Springs, about a mile from the zipline course, there is the Indian Hot Springs which offers several soaking/spa options. Outside Buena Vista there are the Cottonwood Hot Springs and the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs, both offer a wonderful way to unwind. 

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8. Go Hiking 

Maybe you’re the type who needs more adventure, so why not go hiking during your trip? There are many beautiful day hikes near our ziplining out posts, offering yet another way for you to experience Colorado’s beauty. 

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9. Cross it off Your Bucket List 

Your spring break trip can be the time for you to try new things and cross a few things off your bucket list. 15% of people have a daring activity noted on their Bucket List. If you’re one of these exciting folks, why not just go for it this spring! 

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10. Day Trip From Denver 

So maybe you’ve already got your spring break planned to a tee. Maybe you’ll be in Denver one day and Breckenridge the next.  

There’s no way we can squeeze in a zipline trip, right?  

Well, there totally is! Our cliffside zipline outpost is only about 40 minutes away from Denver. Located in Idaho Springs right off of I-70, this trip is perfect for those with an already packed schedule. 

Are you convinced yet? With so many great reasons it’s hard to believe you aren’t itching to go ziplining already! There’s really no better day trip to add to your spring break itinerary than a ziplining adventure, and now is the time to get your trip on the books. Look into booking your thrilling zipline trip now! 


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