24-hours in Browns Canyon National Monument is one of those unforgettable adventures that could change your entire outlook on nature and how we should experience the outdoors. From a breathtaking river valley, to sleeping under the stars, and evening with no phones spent around a campfire with loved one, you get the picture. If not, we will dive a little deeper.


We recommend getting a good night rest before you embark on your adventure, but don’t worry you don’t have to meet your guides until 12:00 pm, so you can always rest in the morning.

Pack up: Our guides take care of all of the heavy lifting and will get all the gear you need packed up and all you have to worry about is bringing some layers, sunscreen, maybe some snacks and any medicine you may need.

Hit the rapids: Now the fun part begins, you will raft through class III rapids on the amazing Arkansas River and get into the national monument Browns Canyon.

Set up camp in the heart of Browns Canyon: One of the coolest parts of an overnight is camping in a remote spot in Colorado that is only accessible by the river. You will get to sleep right next to the sound of rushing water and with no lights in sight, the stars are sure to be bright!

Hike, fish, read or just relax at the camp: Just enjoy the true beauty of nature with any activity of your choice.


Enjoy a riverside dinner made by your guides: Sit back and relax while your guides cook you a hot and delicious dinner. How many times do you get to enjoy your meals in a national monument?

Catch some ZZZs in your tent or under the stars: That is pretty much enough said. Not many campsites can compare!


Wake up to a delicious breakfast cooked by your guides: Is there anything better than the sound of sizzling bacon as you wake up from a nights slumber under the stars in Browns Canyon. We really can’t think of anything. Enjoy a morning at camp with coffee, breakfast and of course great times.

Pack up & launch for day 2: Your guides will help with getting everything packed up and into the gear boat. From there, you will hit the rapids again, and don’t forget to look around and take in the canyon walls on your way back.

Paddling through Zoom Flume – class III rapid towards the beginning of the canyon


The big finale: You will be an expert when it comes to rafting at this point. You will hit the two biggest rapids of the trip to round out the most amazing 24 hours.

Yep, all of that is going to happen in 24 hours, and it will be one of those 24 hours that you won’t forget.