What to do in Granite After Your Adventure
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What to do in Granite After Your Adventure

You just finished up with an excellent adventure at the AVA Granite Outpost! Maybe after having the time of your lives rafting and ziplining, you’re still feeling the need to fill up your daylight hours with even more Colorado experiences. With a variety of fun locations and activities around, you may be a little overwhelmed with how many great options the Granite/Buena Vista area has to offer! Take a look here for some awesome after adventure activities in Granite and nearby Buena Vista.

One of the most popular Colorado right of passages in the Granite area is climbing some of our most excellent fourteeners in the Gore Mountain Range. Included in this range are the notorious peaks of Mt. Princeton, Mt. Harvard, and the Twin Peaks. These hikes are supposed to be day-long and vigorous, so it might be best to plan this hike for the day after your adventure with us at AVA! The energy you spend will be so worth the bragging rights that come with hiking some of the tallest peaks in the United States.

What to do in Granite

Brown’s Canyon Adventure Park
Want to continue your day of adventure with even more adrenaline, a high ropes course would be just the thing! About a 25 minute drive from the Granite Outpost, the Brown’s Canyon Adventure Park is an elevated ropes course that contains suspension bridges, rock climbing, suspended swing, and various other obstacles along this course! This adrenaline-pumping activity is also paired with amazing views of the Gore Range and the Arkansas River Valley.
Mt Princeton Stables
Beautiful views, impressive horses, and a variety of scenic trail options… Now that is a perfect cherry on top of a day of adventure! Located approximately 25 minutes away from the AVA Granite Outpost, the Mt. Princeton Stables offers plenty of fun horseback experiences. You can pick your poison for this trip in terms of lengths and scenery, including a trip around a waterfall or a sunset trip! These guided tours are very popular in the area, and are a relaxing end to a full day of adrenaline in the Granite area.

Cottonwood Hot Springs/Spa
If your adventure at the AVA Granite Outpost made you crave a serene, relaxing activity to end the day, then you’re in luck! Sit back and enjoy a high country hot springs and spa, which rests at the top of the stunning Cottonwood Pass. This area offers swimming in the natural, stone-covered pools, along with private jacuzzis and dry saunas. This area also has a spa on the premises, with many products to offer such as massages, hypnotherapy, body wraps, and other rejuvenating body and spirit works. And for those who want to stay in this little slice of heaven for longer, there are a variety of lodging options here as well!

Whether you are conquering a mountain, exploring the area by horseback, or relaxing in a hot spring, don’t let the fun stop with AVA and continue your adventure with some of these great activities.

What to do in Granite