Why A Whitewater Rafting Trip Is the Perfect Graduation Gift
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Why A Whitewater Rafting Trip Is the Perfect Graduation Gift

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When your child finally graduates high school, it can seem like 18+ years have passed in the blink of an eye. You are beyond ready to celebrate their many accomplishments and could be seeking the perfect gift to recognize this amazing milestone. This can be a daunting task! The next chapter will most likely be more demanding in terms of responsibility, time, and ultimately lead to increased independence. So why not bring the family together for a little celebratory, “pre-next-chapter” bonding…on a whitewater rafting trip.

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There is no doubt that whitewater rafting in Colorado’s unique and stunning topography is riveting and intoxicating. An experience that is truly on another level. Regardless of whether your graduate (or you) has ever experienced rafting; or is even a seasoned outdoors person, a trip to the Rocky Mountains is one of the most inspiring things they will ever conquer in young adulthood. Colorado is filled with some of the world’s best mountain views and dreamy snow peaks. The rivers and wildlife are right out of a storybook. Taking a morning rafting trip makes it more likely to experience the early rising critters that call Colorado home. You may find yourself gazing at moose, mountain Goat, the majestic bald eagle, and countless other species.

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Multiday trips in particular allow your graduate to break new ground while completely submerging themselves in one of the scenic wonders of the world. Having friends and family join can often make the experience more fulfilling and worthwhile. Time on the river gives them a chance to break away from the screens that dominate our daily life. A rafting trip allows them to truly experience for themselves the outdoors, embracing the unexpected while freeing their mind. Regardless if your graduate rarely ventures into nature or loves spending every free second outside, the Rocky Mountains never fail to provide an awe-inspiring landscape you never get tired of gazing at. Nothing is quite like the all-encompassing feeling of being immersed in the Colorado Rocky Mountains flora and fauna. In this day in age, couldn’t we all use a little break from technology?

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The purpose of life’s journey isn’t to acuminate material goods but to live every day full of new experiences and worthwhile endeavors. One of the best gifts you can give to your graduate isn’t another sweater, watch, or card full of money. No graduation card can replace the pride and growth that is provided by a real-life challenge. Finishing the course renders an undeniable sense of accomplishment. A whitewater rafting vacation is a perfect opportunity to help them let off a little steam before their newfound life begins, at the same time it gives them a once-in-a-lifetime experience they will carry with them through adulthood that won’t soon be forgotten. What an incredible way to begin the next chapter of life with that accomplishment under their belt!

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