Why Colorado summers are the WORST

While everyone is preparing for the most popular season of the year in the Rockies, we want to talk about the complete opposite.  Colorado is known for it’s abundance of ski resorts and winter activities.  Little do people know, Colorado thrives in the summer as well, but for entirely different reasons. The annual snowfall in Summit County, CO is 75 inches, which is triple what the average city gets every winter.  Come spring, the snowmelt is a slow process… but snow melting only means whitewater season is well on it’s way.  More snow results in bigger rapids, so good winters roll into even greater summers for year round outdoor entertainment.


Typically, the rafting season opens around the end of April and lasts until the middle of September. The Arkansas River, Clear Creek, and the Colorado River are some of the more popular rivers in the high country, but Colorado carries an affluence of rivers – leaving everyone with the ability find the perfect class of whitewater for their crew. Whether it’s a beginner trip of a class I-III, or you are looking to send some insane runs, AVA has some of the most intense class V trips that are commercially ran!

Fat bikes” are a popular winter activity in Colorado for those who want to cycle year round, but many await the trails to resurface for mountain biking season.  Many areas in the high country rate their mountain bike runs much like ski resorts do, with green being beginner.  Green runs are perfect for those trying to learn the sport without having to throw themselves into the fire.  For the seasonal mountain bikers, black runs incorporate big ramps and tight turns on their trails and spring is the perfect time to get down and dirty in the mud,

If barreling downhill on two wheels doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, there are plenty of hiking trails for those who just want to be on their own two feet.  Colorado is home to over 58 different fourteeners, and though they are a difficult feat, the reward is more than worth it. One of our favorite tools to use for finding hikes is AllTrails. Download the app on your phone, find your location, and see a map view of all the hikes in your area! Plenty of mellow hikes for the family are around with shorter distances and incredible views, as well as advanced hikes for those who may even want to hike into the wilderness and sleep under the backcountry stars for the night. Colorado summers come alive with different colored wildflowers, animals coming out of hibernation, and green leaves coming back to life across the valleys.

They aren’t lying to you when they say “Welcome to Colorful Colorado”, though it may seem that way when driving westbound on I-80 from Nebraska.  Colorado is a beautiful destination year round.  Ski vacation may be coming up quickly on your calendars, but start planning your getaway to the mountains next summer.  AVA is featuring some Summer 2018 deals; book now and save big on our grand adventures!