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Colorado Rafting Gear Rental



Feel like you have a handle on the river travel, you just need the gear? We’ve got you covered. Get on the river today with river gear from Colorado River Rentals. A river or fishing trip is a magical way to spend your time – whether it’s a short day trip or an overnight trip. So get out there! Rent stand up paddleboards, inflatable kayaks, rafts, river accessories, or a full overnight gear setup.



Gear Rental Location

We rent river gear, boats and equipment from our office in Kremmling, CO near the Upper Colorado River. The Upper Colorado River is a scenic section just south of Kremmling where you can travel 10 miles for a half day trip or float downriver for several days. Colorado River Rentals has the gear and equipment rentals to make your river trip happen. We are excited to provide you with great gear for your rafting, fishing, stand up paddle boarding, or kayaking adventures this summer.



Raft Rentals

The rafts you can rent through Colorado River Rentals are a 13-foot, 14-foot, and even 16-foot raft. We do take your safety seriously and make sure you will have all the appropriate gear such as a personal flotations device, so those are included in the price of your rental.

Stand Up Paddle Board

We offer stand-up paddle boards to rent for just one day or up to three. This is a great way to make your Colorado River trip a bit more challenging!

Inflatable Kayak

We like to call them duckies and they are a great way to get closer to the waves and the action. Duckies are great for beginner kayakers.


Safety is key when going out on the river. We can provide you with every single thing you need from life jackets to coolers and groovers.


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