After spending a lot of last summer indoors, 2021 is going to be the year for getting acquainted (or reacquainted) with Colorado’s backcountry. While a multiday rafting trip may sound like riverside camping, its so much more. A multiday rafting trip will connect you with those you’ve traveled with, immerse you in nature, and make you leave the stress of day-to-day life behind. Break the cycle of ordinary this season, try something new, be rewarded with the memories of a multiday rafting trip this season.  

1. Connect with Friends and Family 

An overnight rafting trip is the perfect way to get friends and family together for an unforgettable adventure. A successful rafting trip takes strong communication and teamworkbeing able to reflect on a job well done with your companions is one of the more rewarding aspects of an overnight trip on the river. A day of paddling followed by dinner and campfire stories makes for the perfect way to reflect on all the days’ adventures without distraction. 

A group of siblings eating breakfast during an overnight whitewater rafting trip

2. Unplug 

And speaking of distractions… There’s no place for emails, social media, and minutetominute texts to the outside world on a multiday rafting adventureThe river is the place to host your unplugged vacation. Snap a few photos, but otherwise, embrace getting away from it all in Colorado. Parents, you don’t even have to be the bad guys; rafts and campsites don’t come equipped with Wifi or 4G, making it easy to put technological priorities aside.  

3. Don’t Worry, Be Happy 

You know that feeling of waking up knowing you don’t have to go to work or school that day? It’s even better from a tent, miles away from the ‘real’ world. A hard day’s work on the riverhours of sunshine, communal meals with your family, and a day or two without hot water is a well-tested cure for stress. Break the daily cycle of making a commute and spending time hunched over a keyboard. Make memories instead of worrying about responsibilities, and replace stress with adrenaline. 

A group smiling while whitewater rafting

4. Reset with Nature 

Did you know the further from cell service you are, the darker the night sky is? Unwinding under the stars in Colorado’s backcountry quiets a busy brain and waking up to sunshine peeking into a canyon resets your bodys internal alarm clock. The white noise of nearby water lapping is abbreviated through the night with distant coyote howls, and the gentle flapping of a tent fly overhead. The simplicity of nature and the closeness you experience it on an overnight rafting adventure can’t be duplicated, and upon going home you may even come to find you miss the everchanging views from the groover.  

5. Observe Wildlife 

Here in Colorado, we’re lucky enough to have so many critters share our playground. Bald eagles, mule deer, and marmots are frequently sited riverside, but totally immerse yourself in an overnight excursion and you may even be lucky enough to see moose, elk, or bighorn sheep. While an overnight rafting trip is the perfect time to encounter one of our cuter residents, they really want to wreak havoc at camp; after an overnight rafting trip in Colorado, you may never see chipmunks the same again. 

A bull elk in the forest during the daytime in summer

6. Explore Remote Landscapes 

It’s not called Colorful Colorado for nothing! An overnight rafting adventure will take you through some of the most incredible, and remote landscapes in Colorado. A multiday rafting trip will wind you through wilderness areas that are explored best on water, and at a rate unimaginable by foot. Days of paddling will give you a unique perspective of surrounding rock formations, canyons, and snowcapped peaks.  

7. Unique Vacation 

Our world has a lot of adventure to offer, so why explore another typical destination for outlet shopping? Whether you’re visiting Colorado or your local, you’ll get to experience more of what the state has to offer if you get off the beaten path. A guided multiday rafting adventure takes all the pressure off you to plan the perfect backcountry experience and ensures it’s comfortable, even if it is a little less conventional for a vacation. Make memories outdoors in a place that won’t be forgotten by those you enjoy most.  

A group of people smiling with their paddles up in the air while whitewater rafting

8. Learn new skills and Meet New People 

All levels of experience are welcome on multiday river tours, and with people coming from all over the world to join us in Colorado for such an adventure you’re bound to go home with some new knowledge. Maybe its your first camping experience and you learn how to pitch a tent, or perhaps you’re a seasoned rafter who is looking to get some beta from a local guide about a specific stretch of river. An overnight river trip can be a little like summer camp; you could go home having learned a new campfire game, or you may even go home with a new friend! Whatever new knowledge you take home, its guaranteed to be different the next time you get on the river to explore again; there’s never a shortage of interesting people, stories, and facts that get shared what sharing a paddling trip.  

While 2020 won’t be soon forgotten by any of us, make 2021 a summer of making memories together in the outdoors. Connect with mother nature, reconnect with family, and take a step away from the mundane day-to-day. Take the road less traveled, enjoy unspoiled views, and reap the reward of adrenaline-fueled days and serene nights. If you’re wanting to get away from a canned-vacation this summer an overnight river trip is hard to beat. A 24-hr overnight adventure is the perfect introduction to multiday rafting, or if you’re looking to replace an annual road trip with some rafting, a longer, 3-day experience might be more your pace. And ultimately, if the great outdoors appeals to you, but hasn’t ever really been your thing try getting your feet wet by pairing rafting trips with a rustic cabin nearby.