Everything You Need on Your Packing List for a Summer Camping Trip on the Colorado River
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Everything You Need on Your Packing List for a Summer Camping Trip on the Colorado River

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So, you are planning a summer camping trip on the Colorado River? You are probably asking yourself what it is that you need to bring along to have the best time you possibly can. A river is a place for amazing views, incredible wildlife, and memories that will last you a lifetime. Let’s make sure you get the most out of your trip with these helpful hints from a Colorado Native.

sunburn on the river

Water and Sunscreen

Many of you reading this will be visiting from outside the great state of Colorado and you have heard about the altitude and the power of the sun. I am here to tell you that those stories are accurate and even more important to a successful trip than you may realize. being on the river is going to be a physical and draining activity make sure you have plenty of water. I recommend 3 liters daily and possibly even more if you are traveling from low elevations. Being at a higher altitude we are closer to the sun and that beautiful ball will be reflecting off the water and right onto you. Everyone loves a tan but no one loves skin damage. Make sure you are lathering up from sunrise to sunset.

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The saying in Colorado is if you don’t like the weather wait 10 minutes. Truer words have never been spoken about the weather you will encounter. You can start your day with some brisk morning dew, reach 85 by 11, freeze during some afternoon showers and then enjoy a 60 and a clear starry sky until you fall asleep. Undergarments, short sleeves, long sleeves, multiple pieces of outerwear, and at all costs avoid Cotton. COTTON IS NOT YOUR FRIEND ON THE RIVER

drybags for the colorado river


Not everything you can bring is going to be waterproof. Invest in a proper dry bag to keep your important layers dry and available. A proper dry bag or airtight cooler than can attach to the raft is also going to be crucial to keeping your meals edible and not mushy fish food if you encounter a leak.

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Adult Beverages

Everyone likes to enjoy themselves and if you are one of the people that enjoy a beer, cocktail, or glass of wine at the end of a great day, follow these river rules. NO GLASS!!! That’s about the only rule. Cans, bags of wine, and your favorite liquor poured into a plastic or no-glass bottle are all great options. Prepare to carry out what you bring in and do not dispose of cans or plastics in your campfire. Leave every campsite better than the way you found it.

ditch the data

Ditch the Data

Bring your phone for capturing special occasions, flowers, animals, joyous occasions, and anything else you want to capture but turn off that data. This is a time to connect with nature. Leave the office, social media, and emails at home, and you will thank yourself for it. You will probably not get much service out there anyways 😉


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