How You Know You're Ready for Gore Canyon
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How You Know You’re Ready for Gore Canyon

Whitewater Rafting in Gore Canyon, Colorado

When getting ready for your first rafting trip, there are a hundred questions flying through your head making sure you picked the right trip and assuring that you are fully prepared. After a couple trips, your nerves start to subside and you begin to feel more comfortable with getting on the water and understand what to bring and what to avoid. Once you decide to step up to a more advanced trip, like Gore Canyon, the nervousness and indecision seem to come back. Here are a couple steps to take to make sure you are all ready to go. 

gore canyonGore Canyon is highly regarded as the hardest whitewater trip in North America, and rightfully so, with a 14 foot waterfall known as Tunnel Falls and technical sections like Kirschbaum and Scissors. When preparing for this trip, make sure you are fully aware of the physical fitness level necessary for the trip. You should be able to run a mile and swim 8-10 laps in a swimming pool back-to-back. You will also want to make sure you are comfortable with and capable of swimming in whitewater as you are always between swims and you do not want to take your first swim on a big class V rapid. Beyond the physical side of things, make sure you are mentally prepared as well. This is a trip that you will not show up for hungover for as it requires the utmost attention to make sure all paddle strokes are in sync and you are easily able to follow your guide's commands, as they will all be crucial. 

Regardless if this is your 10th whitewater trip or your 500th trip, make sure you are fully prepared and aware of all risks and hazards before your launch. For more information on Gore Canyon or trips like it, feel free to contact us at 800-370-0581.