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5 Fun Facts About the Arkansas River

At AVA we spend A LOT of time on the Arkansas River. This river offers some of the most popular and exciting whitewater trips in not only Colorado but the nation! The river varies between mild and relaxing to adrenaline filled paddling through whitewater rapids. Here is a list of 5 other Fun Facts About the Arkansas River!



  1. The Arkansas River is the sixth-longest river in the United States and the 45th longest river in the world.
  2. The Arkansas River has three very different sections throughout its length. The first section starts right here in Colorado. The first section of the river runs through steep and rocky terrain dropping 4,600 feet in 120 miles. AVA has many rafting trips in this area including The Numbers, Browns Canyon and Royal Gorge.
  3. The Arkansas River is known for its exceptional trout fishing. Brown and Rainbow Trout tend to dominate the river. Trout Unlimited considers the river to be one of the top 100 trout streams in America. Numerous fly and guide shops operate in the Arkansas River Valley right here in Colorado.
  4. In 1819 the Adams-Onis Treaty made the Arkansas River a part of the frontier between the United States and Spanish Mexico until the annexation of Texas during the Mexican-American War in 1846.
  5. Water flow in the Arkansas River has gradually diminished as farmers in both eastern Colorado and western Kansas have diverted flow for irrigation purposes. Luckily this is further downstream and the high snowpack in the High Rockies keep the water levels high for rafting!



At AVA we offer many trips on and around the Arkansas River. Now that you know a little more about the Arkansas River come and see it for yourself!