Looking to cool down, warm up and rejuvenate after your hard earned day rockin’ the Rockies? If your answer is yes, we have some places that will do just that! So, put your swimsuit on, let your cares float away on the mountain steam, and rejuvenate in a local hot spring. We’ve compiled a guide to help you relax in one of the hot springs near Kremmling, Colorado.

Woman in hot springs

Hot Sulphur Springs Resort and Spa

Open 365 days a year, from 8am to 10pm, this rustic facility will help you relax whenever you need it! The Hot Sulphur Springs Resort and Spa offers 19 natural hot springs, so you can choose what temperature to soak yourself in, with pools ranging from 90 to 112 degrees Fahrenheit. The water is not filtered and flows naturally from 7 different springs without any added chemicals. There is additionally one chlorinated swimming pool for kids or adults to enjoy!

hot pool at resort

Bring your bathrobe, your flip flops, and check out the biggest and best pool, the “baby ute” pool as you enjoy the waterfall that goes along with it. You can also enjoy added amenities with an on-site spa, massage and other soothing body treatments. This is a must stop whether you are enjoying the snowflakes falling upon you, or just a sweet mountain breeze.


The Hot Sulphur Springs Resort and Spa, located along the Colorado River in Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado, within Grand County, is only about a 20 minute drive from our Kremmling, Colorado outpost. To reach the hot springs from Denver, visitors will drive about 2 hours northwest, and from Summit County, the springs are about about a 1.5 hour drive north.

feet poking out of hot springs pool

Radium Hot Springs

This natural wonder is sure to soothe the body and the soul. Located just outside of Kremmling and on the Colorado River, Radium Hot Springs is a single warm spring pool with a temperature around 90 degrees. This natural, primitive hot spring is located just below a 60 foot cliff that thrill seekers may jump off of! Nestled on the mighty Colorado river, this spring can be reached by kayak, or a short, but steep hike, and however you get there, it promises not to disappoint! Mugrage campground also allows easy access to this relaxing destination.

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From Kremmling, Colorado, travel south on Hwy 9, taking a right onto Trough Road, which again turns right onto Grand County Rd 11. You will see markers for Warm Springs Rd, along which there will be signage for the parking area and dispersed camping options. Read full directions, as well as learn about coming from Edwards or Eagle.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs Resort

Also open 365 days a year, Strawberry Park Hot Springs sits just about an hour away from Kremmling, near Steamboat Springs. It is aptly named for the trail of steam floating through the mountain air from it’s myriad of hot springs, with pools built directly into the natural environment. You can enjoy a massage or some watsu therapy in a private cabana, or just naturally massage your soul in this 104 degree wonder.

waterfall flowing into hot springs

Chairs, tents and safety rails help you navigate safely around the many natural hot pools, and the neighboring river will put you in a great state as you hear it roaring near by. The springs also offer lodging and the nearby area hosts access to hiking, biking, and snowshoeing trails in the Routt National Forest. You may book online, but make sure you check reservation options ahead of time and have cash on you if booking on site, as the park does not accept credit cards.

A short, pretty mountain drive takes you to the breathtaking natural hot springs. Located about an hour and 15 minutes north of Kremmling, the hot springs are about a 3 hour drive from Denver and 2 hours and 20 minutes from Summit County.

Please note, if visiting between November 1st, and May 1st, the road to the springs is only accessible by 4 wheel drive vehicles; however, shuttles also provide access! Read more directions and visitor information here.

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Reward yourself after a long day of rafting, ziplining, or adventuring with AVA Rafting, relax in the hot springs, and discover a true Colorado mountain experience. We can’t wait for you to take a deep breath and enjoy!