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Beginner Rafting Trips in Colorado

If you don’t have much experience rafting, choosing the right Whitewater Rafting experience for you can seem like a daunting endeavor. We’re here to help you […]

scenic float trip

Why A Float Trip is an Exciting Adventure

If you are looking for an exciting, yet relaxing experience and an opportunity to explore Colorado’s majestic Upper Colorado River and beautiful canyon scenery, look […]

Whitewater Rafting in Gore Canyon, Colorado

How You Know You’re Ready for Gore Canyon

Known as the most difficult stretch of rafting on the Colorado River and one of the wildest stretches in the state, Gore Canyon attracts extreme […]

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FIBArk 2023

This year, FIBArk celebrated 75 years of the famous whitewater  festival, which took place June 15-18. FIBArk began in June 1949 when 23 brave souls […]

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How to Save Money on your Summer Rafting Trip

How to Save Money on your Summer Rafting Trip Whitewater Rafting is one of the most fun summer adventures, and it doesn’t have to be […]

whitewater rafting

How to Successfully Plan a Whitewater Rafting Trip in Advance

There is nothing better than the feeling of sailing down a wild river, rushing with the pulse of mother nature through wild rapids. This feeling […]