There is nothing better than the feeling of sailing down a wild river, rushing with the pulse of mother nature through wild rapids. This feeling and experience as you raft through the spray of whitewater will remain with you for a lifetime.

whitewater rafting

Rafting is a thrilling adventure and fun for the entire family! With proper equipment and experienced guides, everyone will stay safe and return home with stories of adventure. Your loved ones will smile and laugh, as you enthrall them with tales from your adventure.

Our whitewater rafting trips open May 12th, and while that may seem like plenty of time to book and plan your adventure, we recommend starting now! We have a few tips for how to best plan your rafting trip for the best experience possible.

1. Plan in Advance

Booking your trip early will also get you the best rates possible, and early planning will mitigate any unexpected challenges, giving you plenty of time to prepare for your trip. You will have plenty of time to plan your transportation to your adventure, determine your group size, and add any other local activities to your itinerary.

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Early planning will also help you determine the best time to raft based on water levels. Rivers usually reach their peak water levels late May through June. This season will be some of the best rafting ever, as Colorado has the most snowpack it’s seen in years!

When this snowpack melts, it flows into Colorado’s rivers, increasing flow and intensity. Several websites highlight river flow and water levels including American Whitewater. Rushing through high and mighty rapids is one of the best feelings ever, especially on a hot summer day!

soaring over whitewater

2. Research trip options

Our rafting trips take place at our three different outposts: Buena Vista, Idaho Springs, and Kremmling, with easy access no matter where you are located in Colorado! We also have adventures ranging from class II and mellow floats to intense rapids on class V waters.

Stand-up paddleboarding river

If you and your party are looking for a gentler rafting experience or have the entire family on board, including grandma, we recommend a float trip on the Colorado River. Oppositely, if you want to experience the most thrilling rapids Colorado has to offer, book our Numbers Trip for a challenging adventure you won’t forget!

No matter your thrill or skill level, we have a trip for you! Call our sales agents at 1-877-RAFTING, and they will help you get set up on the best trip for your party. Booking and planning early also ensures that you there is room for everyone on the trip you really want!

rafting trip

3. Inform your party of all details

It is important to make sure everyone in the group understands what their adventure entails, including the intensity of your rafting trip and what to bring. If anyone has specific nutritional requirements, make sure these are accounted for, so no one will be hungry!

If you are rafting with a large party, it may help to first check in with everyone about their desired adventure level, as AVA offers rafting trips from class II through V rapids! After booking, make sure you share the details of your trip, including your confirmation email with all involved, so everyone knows what to expect and what to bring.

rushing rapids

4. Plan your other adventures!

Your rafting trip is also a great opportunity to explore other aspects of outdoor adventure. Combine your rafting trip with a Via Ferrata or zipline adventure and experience the best of Colorado on the water and in the air! Check out all of our adventure trips, as we have many opportunities for you to get outside and have fun.

Buena vista zipline

Our outposts at Buena Vista, Idaho Springs, and Kremmling additionally provide opportunities to explore the best of Colorado from Idaho Spring’s local mining history to Buena Vista’s startling Collegiate Peaks Mountain Range to nearby Denver’s vibrant arts and culture scene.

dog in front of Buena Vista mountains

No matter where your Colorado adventure takes you, the opportunities for adventure are endless. Booking and planning your trip early allows you to research and take advantage of the best local experiences! Be sure to check out our guides for where to eat after your adventure at our Buena Vista or Idaho Springs outposts.

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Now that you have booked your adventure, we can’t wait to see you out there! You have planned, prepared, researched, and are excited for the upcoming trip- now, we will take care of the rest! Before your adventure, our experienced guides will teach you how to use your rafting equipment and ensure your safety at all times. Some of our guides have been leading trips for over two decades!

Check out all of our rafting and adventure opportunities, and be sure to book and plan in advance. This summer is going to be one of the best rafting seasons yet, and we want to make sure you get out on the water on your perfect trip!

Written by a Contributing Member of the AVA Sales Team

Edited by Rosa Canales, Marketing Specialist