Thanksgiving 2018 Activities in Colorado - there are still a few adventures with AVA you can book for your holiday | AVA Rafting & Zipline
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Thanksgiving 2018 Activities in Colorado – there are still a few adventures with AVA you can book for your holiday!

Winter Zipline Tour

Ziplining is nearing the end for the 2018 season, so why not take the family on a zipline extravaganza near Denver! It is a great way to officially end your summer before the winter ski and snowboard season begins. Not sure where to go? Here are a few places near or around the Denver area that offer great ziplines that the whole family will enjoy!

When looking for zipline adventures that aren’t far from Denver, Denver Adventure Tours is a great option. They have the longest and fastest zipline in the state that reaches up to 60 MPH. There are several options to choose from when you zip here. There is the traditional tour that consists of six different lines. But for those that are a bit more pressed on time,  there is a four line tour that can be done in less than two hours. Have some more time to spend zipping? Check out their ultimate trip. This trip has a eight different ziplines including riding the longest and fastest lines twice. An extra plus that can be taken advantage of through Denver Adventure Tours is their “zip and sip” package where you can tase Colorado microbrews at Colorado’s Best Beers pub located right next door.

Another zipline adventure that is close to Denver is AVA Rafting and Zipline located right in Idaho Springs. This location will be open during the Thanksgiving weekend, and even has a night zipline on Thursday. It just so happens that Thanksgiving falls on a full moon this year so this night zipline experience could be the perfect encore to that holiday feast. AVA’s Idaho Springs zipline will be open the entire weekend through Sunday before closing up shop until Spring 2019.

One more option for those in the Denver area is the Colorado Adventure Center. They will be up and running during the weekends in November and they have eight ziplines for guests to enjoy with the longest being 1,200 feet which takes you across Clear Creek three times. Guests can choose between the normal tour of eight lines, or the happy hour tour which is five lines and includes a coupon for a free beer or soft drink.

For those looking to stay in the front range, the Castle Rock Zipline is for you. There are ten lines adding up to over a mile and a half long for guests to glide along. Their lines can reach up to 50 MPH and are open year-round, so don’t forget to dress for the weather!

Dressing Warm for Ziplines

So whichever location you choose for you Thanksgiving official end of summer ziplining extravaganza, be sure to have fun and dress for the weather that day, hopefully it’ll be a nice mild fall day and if not bundle up and still enjoy the awesome day! To check out the AVA Thanksgiving zipline visit or call 855-RAFTING.