Undoubtedly the United States has it’s share of whitewater. With world renowned rivers, such as the Arkansas, Colorado, and Lochsa, it is no wonder The US is a mecca for whitewater enthusiasts. However, where do all the paddlers go when they want some new rapids? Take a look at these six places to raft outside the US.


When Canada comes to mind, rafting and great whitewater typically do not follow. In reality though, Canada, British Columbia in particular, is home to some rocking whitewater. The Tatshenshini River and Alsek River are two notable rivers in BC. The Alsek River is a 140 mile stretch surrounded by massive glaciers and towering peaks, making for a stunning backdrop while paddling.

If given the opportunity to travel to South America go! While you are down there you have to give the whitewater a shot. Chile and Peru in particular, have some raging rivers to explore! The Futaleufu River in Chile, is the only river to have permanent cliff dwellings built into the riverside for overnight paddlers. There are also stone tubs and treehouses lining the jungle running immediately parallel to the river.


People who are drawn to Bhutan are typically interested in the sacred temples and the culture. However, with many of the sacred sites being closed to tourists they are inaccessible. Unless, you raft along the Paro Chhu. Rafting along the Paro Chhu allows tourists to enter into the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, providing an unforgettable experience.

Thanks to several “green” efforts made by Tasmanian Expeditions, the Franklin River, in Tasmania, is in pristine condition. Completely untouched and altered by man, this river features canyon gorges, cascading waterfalls, and mellow pools. This river truly has it all.


Tibet, home to Mt. Everest and the Drigung Chu River! Rafting through heart pounding class IV rapids does get much better than being surrounded by the Himalayan landscape. As you paddle through you’ll the Dalai Llama’s summer palace and various riverside monasteries.

If you are a jetsetter with a feign for whitewater, never fear! There are tons of great whitewater rafting destinations worldwide. Whether you are looking to raft alongside massive glaciers, or sacred monasteries, there is a river for you!