AVA Guide SchoolIf you have ever been rafting before you probably remember a lot about your trip.  The adrenaline rush after hitting your first set of rapids, maybe falling off the raft, and everyone remembers their guide.  Guides are an integral part of the rafting experience serving dual roles as an entertainer and lifeguard.  Without a guide your rafting trip would have been very different.

With rafting season kicking off, we here at AVA are starting to teach future guides at our Guide School.  AVA takes pride in the quality and experience of our guides.  Good experienced guides not only make your rafting trip fun and entertaining but they keep you safe as well.  The average guide at AVA has eight years of experience but every now and then we need to hire some rookies and our guide school trains them to be the best in the business.  Our intensive three week school trains guides with all the critical information to be safe on the river and to provide guests with a great experience that will not be soon forgotten.  Our rookie guides are required to log three times more training hours than required by the state of Colorado.  With that in mind, when you raft with AVA you can rest easy knowing your guide is one of the best in the business.