Wondering what type of footwear to don on your next whitewater rafting trip? There’s a lot of options out there so keep this advice in mind to ensure you are wearing the best shoes on your commercial rafting trip.

The most convenient and inexpensive choice would be to wear an old pair of tennis shoes.  Be aware that your feet will get wet and may also get muddy. Don’t bring a pair of shoes that you aren’t willing to toss in the trash at the end of your trip. Also remember that if you choose to wear old shoes, they will not dry quickly. You will want to bring a spare pair to change into, especially if you are participating in one of AVA’s great ziplining tours after your trip.

Rafting Trip

Not willing to messy up a pair of old sneaks? Invest in a pair of Chacos or Teva sandals. Both of these brands can be found at most outdoor and sporting good stores. These types of sandals have straps to hold the shoe firmly on your foot throughout your rafting experience.  They are also waterproof, so no need to change into a fresh pair for the trip home. However, if you plan on ziplining or participating in any other exciting AVA trip later in the day, bring an extra pair of closed toe shoes to change into.

Worried about your feet getting cold during the trip? Our outpost retail stores sell water socks made from wetsuit material. These will help keep your feet warm and dry throughout your rafting adventure. Our retail stores also sell water shoes should you forget to bring a pair of your own. These water shoes make a great choice for rafting footwear as they repel water and stay attached your feet in the wild rapids.

Rafting Trip

Whatever your choice in rafting shoes, keep in mind that you need something that will stay on your feet and will keep you comfortable during the trip. Crocs and flip-flops are not recommended. Choose one of the options above and you are sure to have a great footwear experience. Should you have any questions, you can always call our AVA office at 877-RAFTING and ask for advice.