Colorado Group Adventures

7 Steps to Planning Your Group Adventures in Colorado for Summer 2021 

Summer 2021 is looking a bit brighter than last year and much like everyone else, we’re setting our sights on getting back to adventures with our […]

Colorado Rafting Deals

How to Get the Best Price on Adventures for Your 2021 Colorado Vacation

If you’re anything like us, you’re already planning for your next vacation or even a weekend getaway to have something to look forward to.  If […]

Colorado Adventures

Your 2020 Adventure Horoscope

Capricorn Dates: December 22 – January 19 Element: Earth Symbol: Sea goat You are hardworking, and won’t let anything stop you from climbing to the […]

Camping Trip Meal Planning

Top 5 Meals for a Camping Trip in Colorado

Easy Meals To Cook On A Fire! ● Berry Campfire Pound Cake What you will need: 16 oz fresh berries 2 tablespoons sugar ¼ cup […]

Ski Trip to Colorado

What is snowpack and how does it affect rafting in Colorado?

What is snowpack? Snowpack forms from a series of snowfalls throughout the year. This causes layers to form in high altitude and cold weather areas. […]

Rafting Near Denver Colorado

Top 10 Company Outings for Your Team in Colorado

By: Faith Partain What is the true key to success? Well we think it is a happy and healthy team of employees working together to […]

Glenwood Springs Colorado

5 Reasons to Visit Glenwood Springs, Colorado for an Unforgettable Rafting Trip

Written by Sarah Spalla Nestled in Central Colorado, Glenwood Springs is a fantastic place to experience all that the centennial state has to offer, this […]

Hot Air Balloon Colorado

Epic Hot Air Balloon Adventures in Colorado

A pretty neat activity that most people don’t think about doing is going on a Hot Air Balloon tour. In the beautiful state of Colorado, […]

Rafting Near Breckenridge Colorado

Our favorite Spring Whitewater Rafting Trip

By: Bailey Reker We the people at AVA love a thrill. If you are not an adrenaline junky then this rafting trip may not be […]

Guided Tours in Rocky Mountain National Park

The 8 Types of Rocky Mountain National Park Tours

Introduction – Welcome to America’s Alpine Playground It’s one of the most beautiful areas of Colorado, along with being one of the most traveled.  4.5 […]