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Epic Hot Air Balloon Adventures in Colorado

Hot Air Balloon Colorado

A pretty neat activity that most people don’t think about doing is going on a Hot Air Balloon tour. In the beautiful state of Colorado, the view never ceases to amaze. So, a wonderful way to see the beautiful state is by hot-air balloon. You get to enjoy an awesome 360-degree views of the front range and the mountain valleys.

Now that you have the hot-ballooning bug here are a few places that would be awesome for scratching that itch.

Colorado Hot Air Baloon Rides

South Park Valley, Colorado

Colorado Balloon launches from the South Park Valley area, so guests from all over the state can join in on the fun. Once you arrive you will be offered hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and snacks. This ride takes you from the treetop level several thousand feet above the ground and travelling about 2-10 miles. If the conditions are optimal that day you might be able to take control and fly the actual balloon.

You will experience the highest altitude balloon ride in North America! 

After the flight the guests will take part in the traditional ballooning ceremony that includes “Story time by Tommy”. You will then be served a choice of champagne, mimosas or sparkling cider as the chief pilot and explains the history of ballooning and the balloonist prayer. After the toast you all will be treated to a complete sit-down white linen breakfast prepared on-site by a crew. Breakfast includes bacon, hash browns, french toast, and eggs. Once the breakfast has ended all guests will receive a custom Colorado Hot Air Balloon Rides champagne glass to treasure for years to come.

Aero-Cruise Balloon Adventures

Broomfield, Colorado

Aero-Cruise Balloon Adventures takes off right outside of Boulder, CO, because of the take-off location they are able to offer year-round hot air balloon rides. They have 2 locations of take-offs, a winter location and a summer location, both are just a mile apart from one another.

Before the flight you will enjoy a continental breakfast at the launch site, also if you wish you can also help with the inflation process as well. After the flight guests will receive a hot air balloon photo, either a t-shirt of hat, and a complimentary glass of champagne or sparkling cider. The trip in total is about 3-4 hours long. Since the weather is more predictable so everyone meets at sunrise and then depart shortly after.

Fair Winds Balloon Flights

Lafayette, Colorado

Another hot air balloon company is Fair Winds Balloon Flights, they too launch from the Boulder, CO area as well. Before the flight you will enjoy a full Continental Breakfast and once the flight is over you will receive a celebratory bottle of champagne or sparkling cider, an official Fair Winds t-shirt and balloon pin and a personalized flight certificate with photo. Guest are very much encouraged to participate in the inflation and deflation of the balloon. The flight time in the air is approximately one to one and a half hours, with the whole trip being about three to three and a half hours.

So, with these great options for hot air ballooning around the state why not give it a try! For more information and rates on hot air ballooning check out coloradorafting.net and while you are there be sure to check some other great spring and summer activities as well!


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