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The Last of Colorado’s Whitewater in August 2018 and Where You Can Go to Find it

Colorado Ducky Trips
Yes, there still is great whitewater out there.  Though high river flows may be long gone, but there are still plenty of rapids to enjoy this August.  There is one river you should check out this month, because it is currently rolling at 1,210 CFS today and the water level has been awesome for a few weeks now.  Head to Kremmling, Colorado to venture out on the mighty Colorado River for your rafting adventure.

The Upper Colorado River

While you won’t be encountering any rapids that imitate 3 foot waves, you will navigate some Class II rapids to get you bumping around your raft and paddling through the whitewater.  On top of that, the Colorado River has some of the best scenery in the state.  A beautiful ride with common wildlife sightings of eagles, mountain sheep, and even bears will make this a great trip for all ages.  The best part of this river is it never stops running.  While most commercial companies will shut their operations down by the end of fall, the river is can be ridden year round (it’s not warm, though.).
Upper Colorado River Rafting

Scenic Float on the Upper Colorado

Hop into a raft and enjoy the views as you float along the Upper Colorado River.  Kids as young as two years old are welcome on this adventure, letting you explore with the whole family!  You’ll be on the water for a good few hours and there’s nothing better than enjoying the canyon views and mountain vistas surrounding you.


Inflatable Kayaks and Stand Up Paddle Boards

If you have a few teenagers along with you, here’s your answer to keeping them occupied for your trip.  Venturing out on a ducky (inflatable kayak) or stand up paddleboard will crank up the intensity of this river’s Class II rapids and your teenagers will have a blast navigating the water solo.
Inflatable Kayak in Colorado

Overnight Rafting Trips on the Colorado River

It’s the ultimate mountain getaway, and you can choose between a 24 hour adventure or 3 day excursion.  Both will provide a seemingly all-inclusive outing where your guides will pack up all the gear, build your campsite once you pull off riverside, cook meals for the whole crew, and take care of all the logistics.  If you’re in need of a family activity without the stress of planning, think about an overnight rafting trip with AVA.  The only thing you’ll need to provide is a sleeping bag and a taste for adventure.

So if you haven’t had your whitewater fix for the season and you were worried it’s too late in the year to catch some good rapids, head to the Colorado River this August for some great whitewater action!  If you want to set up a weekend of events, AVA Rafting & Zipline is your answer.