Colorado’s National Parks

Colorado has no shortage of wilderness. However, there are some spots that definitely stand out from the rest, Colorado’s National Parks! The state is home to four National Parks including Rocky Mountain, Mesa Verde, Great Sand Dunes, and Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. These parks offer some amazing scenery and are a must see if your visiting the state.




With elevations ranging from 8,000 to 14,259 feet and a 415 square mile boundary, Rocky Mountain National Park is rugged and beautiful. Signed in 1915 by President Woodrow Wilson, the Rocky Mountain National Park act established the boundaries for the park and protected the area to be enjoyed for future generations. This National Park is incredibly popular and has something for everyone including camping, hiking, rock climbing, and fishing!


Located in Montezuma County is Mesa Verde National Park. If you’re a little more of a history buff, this is the park for you. Created in 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt, Mesa Verde National Park occupies 52,485 acres and is best known for its adobe-constructed homes built into cliff dwellings by Ancestral Puebloans! Bring some quality hiking shoes as you will be doing some mild climbing to access these areas.




Colorado is definitely known for the Rocky Mountains, but it is also home to some amazing desert areas. Located in the San Luis Valley is Great Sand Dunes National Park. This park includes 44,246 acres, as well as a preserve that protects an additional 41,686 acres. Located within the park are the tallest sand dunes within the North America, rising to a max height of 750 feet. This park does have a large variation of temperatures, with extremely cold wintertime temps getting below 0°F and summertime temps rising above 90°F, so dress appropriately! If you’re looking to get some skiing or snowboarding in during the summer this is a great place to get some turns in right on the sand!


The last park located in Colorado is Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. With canyon walls reaching 2,700 feet in a 53 mile stretch of a narrow gorge, this is a great place to explore and view wildlife and various plants. There are a variety of outdoor activities as well, including advanced kayaking, rock climbing, and fly fishing.

Now that you know a little more about Colorado’s National Parks, be sure to check them out this summer. Next time you’re looking to get out and explore other areas of Colorado be sure to give us a call at AVA!