When rafting, like participating in other outdoor activities, there is a risk of injury. While the most common injury on the river results from paddlers not covering their T-grip and having it hit a fellow paddler, the other main way injuries occur is by paddlers getting thrown overboard. To avoid injury take a look at these helpful hints in the event you get thrown overboard.

Don’t Panic: The worst thing you can do is panic once you hit the water. The calmer you remain the quicker you, or someone else will be able to get you out of the water.


Don’t Stand Up: With rapids running fast pass you it can be tempting to want to stand up. However, that is worst idea in whitewater. Due to the rapids you cannot see what is below your feet the majority of the time. If you stand, you run the risk of getting your foot caught in an entrapment, making you stuck in the same place while water rushes by you pushing you down.


Identify Your Surroundings: Often times when people fall out of the boat, they aren’t traveling too far away. As soon as you hit the water, open your eyes and see if you are still by your boat or closer to shore. Once you identify what is your easiest option for a rescue point you can start swimming aggressively towards it.

Falling overboard can be scary. However, following these three tips can not only help you get of the water quicker, making for an easy rescue, but also prevent injury.